1000+ Best Trivia Questions & Answers (Updated)

Fun trivia questions can turn any event into a fun time. Whether it’s a trivia challenge on Harry Potter, United States history, the solar system, human body trivia, World War II, Disney Princess trivia, James Bond, sports, or any other category, a good trivia game will create excitement.

Trivia questions are more than just a sign for good luck. They take wit, knowledge, speed, and a love for trivia quizzes.

  • When did the Berlin wall fall?
  • How tall is the empire state building?
  • What’s the smallest country?
  • What’s the fastest land animal?
  • What’s the largest planet?
  • What’s the capital city of Spain?
  • Which US president cut down a cherry tree?
  • How many basketball games did Michael Jordan play?
  • What year did Snow White and Peter Pan come out?

These questions and so much more should keep you, the kids, or your colleagues on your toes.

Ready for some fun trivia nights or family game night challenges? This collection of general knowledge to history trivia questions and answers will help you prepare for a great time.

Here is a list of 1000 trivia questions across 20 different trivia categories. Use the table of contents to navigate to your chosen category quickly, or just scroll down through each one in your own time.

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1. History Trivia

History trivia questions

Check out these fifty history trivia questions and answers and see how much you know about past events, notable historical figures, happenings from around the globe and more!

Which Chinese dynasty ruled from 1644 until 1911?Qing
Who sculpted the famous Statue of David?Michelangelo
The Great ‘what’ of London occurred in 1666?Fire
The Portuguese empire had control of what country in the South American region?Brazil
The Shoguns ruled over which country?Japan
The monarchs of which country sent Christopher Columbus on his journeys?Spain
What was Queen Mary of England’s nickname?Bloody
Mount Vesuvius erupted in which country in 1631?Italy
Emperor Jiajing ruled in which country?China
Akbar the Great ruled over which empire?Mughal
Hernán Cortés presented which bean to the Europeans after his conquests?Cocoa
Cuauhtémoc ruled in which continent?South America
The Salem witch trials of 1692 occurred in which US state?Massachusetts
René Descartes was from which country?France
Diamyo’ was a noble rank in which country?Japan
In 1536, which Argentinean city was founded by Pedro de Mendoza?Buenos Aires
Akbar the Great ruled over which country?India
Albrecht II was the elected but never-crowned king of which country?Germany
Caravaggio was renowned for creating what?Paintings
Elizabeth I of England led the fight against which Armada?Spanish
What was Galileo Galilei best known for being?Scientist
The Aztecs were conquered by which European country?Spain
The Aztecs lived primarily in the region known as what today?Mexico
Francisco de Orellana explored which river, found in South America?Amazon
Which Henry was famous for his six wives?VIII
François II was the king of which European country?France
The Spanish mainly colonized which part of what would come to be the United States?South
Leonardo da Vinci painted what in c.1503-1506?Mona Lisa
Which country led the Mayflower to America?England
John Calvin, who founded Calvinism, was influential in which field?Religion
Which of Henry VIII’s wives gave birth to Elizabeth I?Anne Boleyn
The Spanish Inquisition attempted to maintain the dominance of which religion?Catholicism
Sir Francis Bacon was an advocate of which ‘method’?Scientific
England broke away from which Church in the 16th century?Catholic
The Samurai were warriors in which Asian country?Japan
The Tudors ruled in which European country?England
The Edict of Nantes took effect in which country?France
The House of Bourbon ruled over which European country?France
Louis XIV was known as the ‘what’ King?Sun
In which country were cuckoo clocks invented?Germany
What was New York’s original name?New Amsterdam
What was El Greco NOT particularly famous for?Literature
347 English settlers were killed in 1622 in which American city?Jamestown
What was John Milton of England famous for?Writing
Luís Vaz de Camões was a famous writer from which country?Portugal
The famous St. Peter’s Basilica is located in which city?Vatican
Michelangelo was famously from which Italian city?Florence
The Kingdom of Cuzco was part of which ancient civilization?Inca
The House of Braganza ruled in which European country?Portugal
Portugal reached Macau, an island off the coast of which country, in 1513?China

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2. Art Trivia

Art trivia questions

The world of art and creative works is a vast world. See how many answers you get right in this art trivia question challenge on artists, artworks, sculptures, paintings, and more.

The Dance was a 1910 work by whom?Matisse
In which German city did Walter Gropius found the Bauhaus school?Weimar
In which European capital was Gustav Klimt born?Vienna
Who founded the Bauhaus School in Weimar in 1919?Walter Gropius
Juan Gris hailed from which European capital?Madrid
Moshie Segal was the birth name of which artist?Chagall
What is the full name of founder of ‘Minimalism’ in art with the last name Klein?Yves Klein
My Bed was an exhibit by which controversial British Artist?Tracey Emin
Which one of these painters was best known for his ‘drip paintings’?Jackson Pollock
Human/Need/Desire’ (1983) is a notable work by whom?Bruce Nauman
Who painted the famous 1925 work Les Perruches (The Parrots)?Jean Dupas
Who made the famous artwork American Gothic?Grant Wood
No 61 (Rust and Blue) is a work by whom?Mark Rothko
Francis of Assisi and The Heavenly Melody was a 1902 work by whom?Frank Cowper
Full Fathom Five’ is a major work by which 20th Century Artist?Jackson Pollock
What is Jeff Koon’s popular sculpture that shows a balloon dog?Balloon Dogs
The ‘Les Fauves’ movement name translates as what?Wild Beats
Marinetti produced the manifesto for which movement?Futurism
Which artist was in 2014 listed as Britain’s richest living artist?Damien Hirst
Jim Dine is most associated with what style of art?Pop Art
Gabriele Munter is from which country?Germany
Who painted the word Amaryllis in 1907?Piet Mondrian
Ocean Grayness is a major work by which 20th Century Artist?Jackson Pollock
Georges Braque passed away in which year?1963
IKB 191 is a key 1962 work by whom?Yves Klein
Frank Cowper had what middle name?Cadogan
Van Gogh’s original plan was to work as which occupation?Pastor
Guy Laramee creates art out of carving what?Books
Marc Chagall passed away in which year?1985
How many humans are featured on Matisse’s The Dance?5
Franz Kline was mainly associated with which artistic movement?Abstract Expressionism
The Liver is the Cocks Comb’ is a seminal work by whom?Asrhile Gorky
Woman with a Flowered art, which reached record sales in 2013, is the most expensive painting sold by whom?Roy Lichtenstein
The 1927 work ‘Landscape in the Manner of Cezanne’ was a key work by whom?Asrhile Gorky
Severinovich was the middle name of which prominent artist?Kazimir Malevich
Self Portrait: Between Clock and Bed’ is a work by whom?Edward Munch
Joan Miro’s ‘Peinture’ is an example of what style of art?Automatism
Repetition 19′ is a famous fibreglass artwork by whom?Eva Hesse
Painter of ‘The Scream’, Edvard Munch, is from which European country?Norway
How much did Jeff Koons Ballon Dog (Orange) sell for in a 2013 auction?$58.4 million
The Funeral (Dedicated to Oscar Panizza)’ is a work by whom?George Grosz
The Column of the Infinite’ is a famous 20th century work by whom?Constantin Brancusi
In 2011, a cleaner nearly destroyed the work When it Starts Dripping From the Ceiling. Who was the artist?Martin Kippenberger
Linda by Chuck Close is a key painting in which movement?Superrealism
Pope Benedict condemned the sculpture ‘First the Feet’ as blasphemy. Who was the artist responsible?Martin Kippenberger
Four Darks in Red is a 1958 work by whom?Mark Rothko
The constructivist movement had its origins in which nation?Russia
In which city did the Tate Modern open in a disused power station in May 2000?London
Noah Carneys Novel ‘The Art Thief’ concerns works by which artist?Kazimir Malevich
The Disquieting Muses’ is a work by which painter?De Chirico

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3. Cars Trivia

Cars trivia questions

Are you a car and automobile lover? Do you love learning all that you can about the biggest and hottest brands of exotic and popular cars? Check out this cars trivia collection and see how many you and your friends can get right.

Heinkel produced cars in which country?Germany
Who produced the Polo?VW
In which country was the first Audi made?Germany
The A7 car number plate is used by which Royal?Queen
Which country overtook the USA in terms of numbers of cars produced in 2006?Japan
The wearing of what is compulsory in most countries?Seatbelts
What change was made to UK car tax in 2014?Paper Discs Will No Longer Be Issued
What is the speed limit for a car on a British motorway?70 Mph
The Cowley car plant is in which English city?Oxford
What is the name of the German motorway which, in parts, has no speed limit?58
How old do you have to be to apply for a provisional driving license in the UK?17
New York is famous for what color cabs?Yellow
What is the estimated annual revenue of the car parking industry?Jaguar
What is the number plate of Alan Sugar’s limo, often seen on the Apprentice?AMS 1
What does the abbreviation MPV stand for when talking about cars?Multi Purpose Vehicle
We call it petrol, but what do the Americans call it?Gasoline
The world’s largest car park is outside what sort of building in Canada?Shopping Mall
What is the main background color on the badge of the Lamborghini?France
The UK’s first toll road is part of which motorway?M6
A car with a removable roof is called a what?Convertible
What is the maximom a garage is allowed to charge for an MOT?1940s
What fuel did the car use in the ‘Back to the Future’ films?Plutonium
Who made the Quattro?Audi
The RAC motoring club is almost as old as cars themselves. When was it founded?1897
The world’s first pneumatic tyre was invented not for car, but for a ?Bicycle
Glass’s is a guide to what?Used Car Prices
The two types of car insurance are third party fire and theft and fully what?Comprehensive
What is the name of the white suited incognito driver on Top Gear?Stig
When is the smoking ban in cars carrying children to come into effect?2015
Coche’ is car in which language?Spanish
In what Middle Eastern nation are women banned from driving cars?Saudi Arabia
A V8 engine has how many cylinders?8
How many chevrons feature on the badge of the Citroen?2
Ferrari cars are produced in which country?Italy
What was the name of the government scheme to boost car sales after the 2008 credit crunch?Vehicle Scrappage Scheme
ANPR stands for what?Automatic Number Plate Recognition
Whose official car is nicknamed ‘the Beast’US President
What was Queen Elizabeth doing when she learned to drive?Serving In The Army
We call it a bonnet, but what is it called in America?Hood
What was the name of the talking car in Knight Rider?KITT
Prince sang about a little red what?Corvette
What is the speed limit on motorways in the USA?1
What is the literal translation of the word ‘automobile’?Self Moving
What is the name of the famous car plant based in Birmingham?2 years
What is the highest mileage ever recorded on a car?Imp
What lower speed limit is often put into place for cars around schools?20 Mph
Which manufacturer produces the Civic?Honda
Volkswagen produced which iconic car?Beetle
What gear should you be in when starting a car?Neutral
Europe’s biggest car show is held in which German city?Frankfurt

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4. Animals Trivia

Animals trivia questions

There are thousands upon thousands of animal species and kinds on the planet. How much do you know about animals? Let’s see in this animals trivia collection!

What is a group of kittens is called what?A Kindle
Which breed of dog is the smallest to be used in hunting?Miniature Dachshund
In the original of the Cinderella film, which character was represented by a cat?Fairy Godmother
In which region of Mexico was there a strange case of dog poisoning in 2014?Northern Mexico
How many dogs survived when the Titanic sank?3
The first sense that a dog develops is what?Touch
A cluster of cats is called what name?A clowder
Cats are pregnant for how long?9 weeks
A cat has how many toes on it’s front paw?5
The first ever cat show was organised in which year?1871
Who invented the cat flap?Isaac Newton
Dogs have three eyelids?3
Dogs excrete sweat through which part of their body?Their feet
The little tufts of hair called inside a cat’s ear is called what?Ear furnishings
The heaviest dog ever recorded weighed how much?343 pounds
Cats purr at the same frequency as …A diesel Engine
The United States has how many feral cats?60 million
Which dog has a black tongue as it’s unique trait?Chow Chow
In the film, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, what is the name of the dog that played Toto?Terry
Fido means what in Latin?Fidelity
What gender are the majority of Calico cats?Female
The first ever cat was sent into space in which year?1963
Cats can make how many different sounds?100
Dog’s footprints are known by what name?Tracks
Dogs can sleep for anything up to how many hours per day?10
Cats spend how long cleaning themselves?Third of their waking hours
A cat can rotate it’s ears how far?180 degrees
The smallest dog ever recorded was just 2.5′ tall. What breed was it?Yorkshire Terrier
A cat should not be given what type of milk?Cows Milk
What’s the most popular pet in the world?Cats
A cat’s tongue has what unique characteristic?It is rough
What type of animal is a dog based on its diet?Omnivore
Corgis originate from which country?Wales
Basenji dogs do not do what?It doesn’t bark
Hebrew legend states which creature’s nose did a cat come from?Lion
What is the meaning of the term Gaegogi?Dog Meat
Which Pope condemned all cats as evil?Innocent VIII
The average body temperature of a cat is what?39 c
There is a famous dog shaped building in which country?New Zealand
The average speed of a dog?19 mph
A cat jump can jump how high?Up to 5 times it’s height.
Pedigree dogs must be registered with which organization?Kennel Club
There are approxmately how many dogs in the world?400 million
Which country first introduced guide dogs to help visually impaired people?Germany
What was the name of Isaac Newton’s cat?Spithead
A mixed-breed dog is also sometimes termed what?Mongrel
Singapura cats have an average weight of what?1.8 kg
Laika the dog, was sent into space in which year?1957
The most intelligent breed of dog is what?Border Collie
Name the Egyptian goddess that had a woman’s body with the head of a cat.Bastet

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5. Actors and Celebrity Trivia

Actors and celebrity trivia questions

Celebrity actors, singers, and other personalities attract fans from all walks of life. Challenge the paparazzi specialist in you with this ultimate actors and celebrity artists trivia challenge.

Which celebrity said: ‘I love the smell of diapers’?Sarah Jessica Parker
Which American said: ‘I get to go to a lot of overseas places, like Canada’?Britney Spears
What was the ‘couple name’ of Bill and Hillary Clinton?Billary
Which celebrity said: ‘Life is not worth living without pie and a beer’?Amanda Holden
Where is actor Natalie Portman from?Israel
Who won the TV competition show Dancing on Ice in 2020?Joe Swash
Indonesia banned which celebrity from entering the country?Lady Gaga
What is the middle name of David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter, Harper?Seven
What was Prince Charles Edward Stuart known as?Bonnie Prince Charlie
Before her marriage to Keith Urban, who was Nicole Kidman married to?Tom Cruise
Norway banned which music artist from the country?Snoop Dogg
What part of actor Julia Roberts body is insured for $30 million?Her Smile
Where is actor Charlize Theron from?South Africa
Which nickname did Prince George call his Great-Grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II?Gan-Gan
Which ‘Glee’ actor is pictured here with Diane Sawyer?Jane Lynch
Which celebrity said: ‘I don’t read books. I only read minds’?Liam Gallagher
Which country has Martha Stewart been banned from entering?UK
After which planet did Erykah Badu name her daughter?Mars
What is the name of Lady Gaga’s documentary film that came out in 2017?Five Foot Two
What did model Christy Turlington study at NYU?Religion and Philosophy
What is the correct spelling of musicians Cardi B and Offset’s child?Kulture
Who said: ‘I don’t believe in reincarnation, and I didn’t believe in it when I was a hamster’?Shane Richie
What nickname was given to One Direction member Liam Payne, following the birth of his son?Daddy Directioner
Which politician said: ‘You teach a child to read and they will be able to pass a literacy test’?George W. Bush
Where did Lily Allen and David Harbour get married in September 2020?Las Vegas
Star of ‘Home Alone’ Macaulay Culkin started his own band, but what did he exclusively sing about?Pizza
What did actor Charlie Sheen try and find on a trip to Britain?The Loch Ness Monster
Which actor said: ‘I’ve done some movies that went right in the toilet, right?’?Arnold Schwarzenegger
What is the name of Elton John’s husband?David Furnish
Holland Taylor is in a relationship with which other actor?Sarah Paulson
Which country was actor Keanu Reeves born in?Lebanon
Which singer-songwriter once said: ‘I thought Europe was a country’?Kellie Pickler
Before her acting career, Meghan Markle was involved in the wedding business. What did she do?Invitation Calligraphy
Who said: ‘I definitely want [his child] to be christened, but I don’t know into what religion yet’?David Beckham
Which celebrity said: ‘You must never underestimate the power of the eyebrow’?Jack Black
Which celebrity said: ‘After I die, I’ll probably come back as a paintbrush’?Sylvester Stallone
Sri Lanka banned which music artist from the country?Akon
Which country has Miley Cyrus been banned from entering?China
Katy Perry used to carry around a lock of hair from which other celebrity?Taylor Swift
Leighton Marissa is best known for starring in which TV show?Gossip Girl
Which Shakespeare character Hailee Steinfeld play in the 2013 film?Juliet
What was King Edward VII called by his family?David
George and Amal Clooney have twin children. What are their names?Alexander and Ella
Whereabouts in the UK was ‘Sex and the City’ actor Kim Cattrall born?Liverpool
Which chick-flick film did Whitney Houston produce?The Princess Diaries
What instrument can singer Grace Jones play?The Accordion
Where is ‘Doctor Who’ actor Gugu Mbatha-Raw from?Oxford
What type of profession did Jason Lee name his child?Pilot
Google images was created after people searched for pictures of which celebrity in a green dress?Jennifer Lopez
Which celebrity said: ‘Men should be like Kleenex, soft, strong and disposable’?Cher

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6. Hollywood Trivia

Hollywood trivia questions

All the glimmer and glam of Hollywood brings joy and excitement to many people’s days. So why not turn your love for Hollywood films, directors, actors, and more into an ultimate trivia challenge? Here are fifty Hollywood trivia questions to get you started.

Where is actor Tom Hanks from?California
Which theatre was the first to be lit entirely by electricity?Savoy Theatre
Which advert featured Phil Collins’ song ‘In the Air Tonight’ and a drum-playing gorilla?Cadbury Dairy Milk
Actor Samuel L. Jackson appeared in which telecommunications company’s adverts?Sky
In 2018, whose ashes were laid to rest under the London Palladium’s stage?Bruce Forsyth
After the success of which film did sales of a particular pet animal increase?Ratatouille
Audrey Hepburn’s recording of ‘Moon River’ has been used for which chocolate advert?Galaxy
What is the room called in a theatre that functions as a waiting room and lounge for performers?Green Room
Which bread company did Sylvester Stallone advertise for?Warburtons
Where was ‘Game of Thrones’ actor Sophie Turner born?Northampton
The Comedy Theatre in the West End was renamed in 2011 after which playwright?Harold Pinter
What type of dance sees the woman typically held in the crook of the man’s arm?Tango
Olympian Mo Farah is the face of which food brand?Quorn
Which TV presenter was born in Oldham?Phillip Schofield
Which TV personalities did the adverts for Morrisons supermarket?Ant and Dec
Which 1950 Billy Wilder film became an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical?Sunset Boulevard
Where is singer Robbie Williams from?Stoke-on-Trent
Which Pixar film was nearly deleted due to its backup system failing?Toy Story 2
In which film was the fake snow used actually asbestos-based?Wizard of Oz
What is the name of the medic on the TV show ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’?Medic Bob
Which Latin dance is unusual in that the feet only move on the 2nd and 4th beats?Mambo
Which mobile telephone network does Kevin Bacon advertise?EE
How many theatres would you find on Shaftesbury Avenue?6
Which of Shakespeare’s comedies is the only one to be set in England?Merry Wives of Windsor
Who wrote the original book ‘War Horse’, which inspired the theatrical adaptation by Nick Stafford?Michael Morpurgo
Which Billy Joel song did Princess Diana dance to at the Royal Opera House in 1986?Uptown Girl
What popular award started in 2001 to support aspiring college writers?Bard Award
Instead of clapping their hands, how did Ancient Greek audiences applaud theatre performances?Stamp their feet
What was Jeremy Renner before becoming an actor?A Makeup Artist
Which show ran for the longest time on Broadway before the March 2020 lockdown?The Phantom of the Opera
What is the name of the radio DJ who shares his name with this famous actor pictured?Chris Evans
The musical ‘Miss Saigon’ was inspired by which musical by Giacomo Puccini?Madame Butterfly
Which UK university did actor Thandie Newton attend?Cambridge
Which actor did Christian Bale take inspiration from for his character in ‘American Psycho’?Tom Cruise
Who broke two toes whilst filming ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’ by kicking a helmet?Viggo Mortensen
Where was actor Daniel Radcliffe born?London
What name is given to part of a stage which projects into auditorium?Thrust Stage
Which makeup brand does Kate Moss say the line ‘Get the London Look’ in the adverts?Rimmel
Which sports personality said the catchphrase ‘Get some nuts!’ on the Snickers adverts?Mr. T
Where is actor Kenneth Branagh from?Belfast
Which Spice Girl is from Leeds?Mel B
What is the name of this actor, known for his roles in ‘Atlanta’ and ‘Get Out’?Lakeith Stanfield
Which famous actor is from York?Judi Dench
Where is actor and comedian Russell Brand from?Essex
Elizabeth Taylor became the first highest paid actor for which movie?Cleopatra
Which line in ‘Some Like It Hot’ did Marilyn Monroe have to redo 50 times?It’s Me, Sugar
Will Arnett got a divorce from what SNL star in 2014?Amy Poehler
Beyonce is married to which American rapper?Jay – Z 
What movie made Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling a brief couple in the 2000s?The Notebook
Who is Heath Ledger’s ex-fiance?Michelle Williams

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7. Famous People Trivia

Famous people trivia questions

From politicians, activists, thought leaders, and influencers— there are so many prominent people that form one whole wealth of “did you knows” and more. Check out this famous people trivia.

Vladimir Putin is the leader of which country?Russia
Ginni Rometty head up which famous tech company?IBM
PewDiePie is a YouTuber from which country?Sweden
Liza Koshy makes which type of vlogs on YouTube?Comedy
Which of the President’s children has the job title of ‘Advisor to the President’?Ivanka
Brigitte Nielsen gave birth to her fifth child, Frida, in 2018 when she was how old?54
Influential transgender YouTuber Gigi Gorgeous is from which country?Canada
Ed Sheeran celebrated which birthday in 2018?27th
Mixed martial artist Conor McGregor is from which country?Ireland
What is the name of Kate Middleton’s sister, a minor celebrity in her own right?Pippa
Xi Jinping is the leader of which country?China
Tarana Burke coined which phrase for survivors of sexual abuse?Me Too
Which Kardashian makes a cameo appearance in 2018 movie ‘Ocean’s 8’?Kendall
What is the name of Pippa Middleton’s royal sister?Kate
Sergey Brin co-founded which website?Google
Irina Shayk is a model from which country?Russia
What was Melania Trump’s job before marrying?Model
What was the first name of Mrs Bush, former first lady who died in April 2018?Barbara
How old was Kendall Jenner when she started modelling?14
What is the first name of the star of 2018 show ‘Very Cavalliari’?Kristin
Model Gisele BĂĽndchen comes from which country?Brazil
Valerie Plame writes which sort of novels?Spy
What is the name of the mother of the Kardashian siblings?Kris
What is the surname of the YouTube star who appears in Netflix show ‘Chasing Cameron’?Dallas
How old was Chloe Kim when she won a Winter Olympics gold medal in 2018?17
Anna Wintour is best known for editing which magazine?Vogue
Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate is in which state?Florida
Justin Trudeau became Prime Minister of which country in 2015?Canada
Model Gal Gadot comes from which country?Israel
Tennis player Maria Sharapova is from which country?[blur toggle=click]Russia
What is the name of Bill Gates’ wife and partner in his charitable foundation?Melinda
Logan Paul got into trouble in 2018 over videos filmed at a suicide spot in which country?Japan
Zach King makes YouTube videos on which topic?Magic
Which Kardashian appears in the 2018 video for ‘Freaky Friday’ by Lil Dicky?Kendall
Donald and Melania Trump were married in which year?2005
John McCain, who died in 2018, represented which state in the Senate?Arizona
What did diver Tom Daley and director Dustin Lance Black call their first child?Robert
What was the name of Kylie Jenner’s daughter, born in February 2018?Stormi
Jeff Bezos is the founder of which website?Amazon
Celebrity chef Alain Bourdain, who died in 2018, was from which country?France
In January 2018, which city did Kim Kardashian name her daughter after?Chicago
What sport is Neymar known for playing?Soccer
Logan Paul found fame on which social media platform?YouTube
In which field is Derek Hough famous?Dancing
What is the first name of Mr Buffet, one of the world’s richest men?Warren
Paris Jackson celebrated which birthday in 2018?20th
Jordan Spieth plays which sport?Golf
How many children does Ivanka Trump have?3
What is Eldrick Tont Woods’ famous nickname?Tiger
Meghan Markle moved to which city after marrying Prince Harry?London

Take your famous people’s knowledge up a notch. And what better way than to go through a collection of trivia about the most powerful and famous people on the planet— presidents? Here’s a president trivia collection for you.

8. Religion Trivia

Religion trivia questions

Many people groups and cultures celebrate and keep traditions that create their spiritual beliefs and practices. Learn about them through this religion trivia questions and answers collection.

What is the first prayer of the day called, which is mentioned in the Quran?Fajr
What is the name of the popular Jewish newspaper in the UK?The Jewish Chronicle
What is the literal meaning of the Quran in English?The Recitation
Who is the only companion of the Prophet Muhammad who is mentioned by name in the Quran?Zaid Ibn Harithah
What is the largest denomination of Islam?Sunni
Where do Jews go to pray?Synagogue
What year was Mohammad Ali Jinnah elected President of the Muslim League?1916
What is the period called where Muslims must fast?Ramadan
What do Muslims say when they sneeze?Alhamdu lillah
Who of the following is NOT considered a prophet in Islam?Eve
In the Quran ,which Sura was revealed in both Makkah and Madinah?Al-Fatiha
The Hindu Goddess Parvati is the wife of which deity?Shiva
Approximately how many Jehovah’s Witnesses are there?8 million
In the Quran, where did Adam and Hawwa reunite and have children?Mecca
What is the language mostly associated with Judaism?Hebrew
It is believed that the Quran was verbally revealed to who?Muhammad
Who do Jews view as the father of the Jewish people?Abraham
What is the name of the Guardian Angel of Hellfire as mentioned in the Quran?Angel Maalik
At what age did Prophet Isa start talking, according to the Quran?On the Cradle
What is the name for a senior teacher of the Torah in Judaism?Rabbi
A belief in what is fundamental to the faith of Islam?Angels
In the Quran, how many sons do Fatimah and her husband have?2
What term do Muslims use to describe God?Allah
The Quran is the central religious text of Islam, what does Islam mean?Total Submission To God
In the Quran, who was the first Prophet of Allah?Adam
In what language is the Quran written originally?Arabic
Islam ranks where on the list of popular religions?2nd
What religion does British actor Lionel Blair follow?Judaism
How is Jesus referred to in the Quran?Prophet Isa
What is the name of the skull-cap worn by Jews?Kippah
What does the Islamic word ‘Fiqh’ mean?Knowledge And Understanding
Where do Muslims go to pray?Mosque
What religion does the Quran belong to?Islam
What is the biggest religion in India?Hindu
What is the word Muslims use for the pilgrimage?Hajj
What was Saint Thomas Aquinas’ profession?Priest
What is Hanukkah also referred to as?Festival of Lights
Where are the majority of Sikhs based?India
What is the holy text of the Jews known as?Torah
The Hindu deity Ganesha has the head of which animal?Elephant
What is the holy book of Islam?Qur’an
What is the language mostly associated with Islam?Arabic
According to Kundalini yoga Ganesha resides in which chakra?The first
What religion is rapper and actor Ice Cube?Muslim
Where do Muslims believe the birth place of Muhammad is?Saudi Arabia
The Hindu deity Ganesha is the Lord of what?Obstacles
What is the last Sura in the Quran called?An-Nas
Who do Muslims believe is the ‘last’ prophet?Muhammad
Where did Alexander Pope’s family move to in 1700 to avoid anti-Catholic sentiments?Berkshire
In the Quran, how many doors are in Jannah?8

We’re only getting started on these trivia questions about the world’s biggest religions. Get more trivia facts and questions in this collection of religion trivia.

9. Bible Trivia

Bible trivia questions

The Bible is one of the oldest and most popular literary pieces. Billions of Christians profess to its teachings. So let’s see how much about Christianity’s main source of truth you know through this Bible trivia challenge!

What did Abimelech use to kill his seventy brothers?Stone
When I am afraid I will trust in ___’ who?You
The Bible was not always read as books divided by chapter and verse. In what year was the Bible divided into our modern-day chapters?1228
Who committed the first murder in the Bible?Cain
But now faith, hope, _____, abide these three; but the greatest of these is _____Love
O clap your _____, all ye people; shout unto God with the voice of triumph.’Hands
In the beginning was the _____, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’Word
How many of these sayings are taken from the Bible? ‘Brood of vipers!’ ‘Dumb dogs!’ ‘Greedy dogs!’ ‘A dog returns to its own vomit.’All
How many were present at the last supper?13
How many sons did Noah have?3
Who was sold by his brothers?Joseph
Who was Joseph’s oldest brother?Reuben
How many demons did Jesus cast out of Mary Magdalene?Seven
Which book of the Protestant Bible doesn’t mention God whatsoever?Esther
It is well known that Methuselah, at 969 years, was the longest-lived man. Who came in second at 962 years?Jared
Who was the disciple of Jesus who was known for being a doubter?Thomas
How old was Josiah when he became the king of Judah?8
In the bible how many different names are used to refer to god?100
In the Bible, what is the other name of the disciples Simon?Peter
Complete this saying in the Bible, ‘For the _____ of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.’Wages
What is the name of the mother of Jesus Christ in the New Testament of The Bible?Mary
Who was this said about? ‘Rid the earth of him! He’s not fit to live!’Paul
Who said: ‘Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?’?Jesus
In the Bible, who demanded John the Baptist’s head on a plate?Salome
According to The Bible, who was the father of Shem, Ham and Japheth?Noah
What did Ruth gather in Boaz’s field?Barley
And herein do I exercise myself, to have always a conscience void of offence toward God, and toward man.Paul
In the Bible, who is the eldest son of David?Amnon
Proverbs 31: She extends her hand to the *_____*, and she stretches out her hands to the needy.Poor
What is the most mentioned crop in the bible?Corn
How many times did Paul say that he received lashes from the Jews?Five
This prophet in the vicinity of Nineveh lamented, ‘It would be better for me to die than to live.’Jonah
Now for a really tough one! In the entire New International Version of the Bible, how many times is the word ‘love’ used?697
Who is the Messiah, according to the New Testament of the Bible?Jesus
According to the Bible on what day did God create the beasts of the Earth?5th
A word we commonly use for something entirely different comes from a Hebrew root word meaning simply ‘to abstain from food’. Fast
Once again, I’ll end with my favorite. ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.’John
Which is the only book of the Bible that doesn’t mention God?Esther
In the Bible, who was the third son of Adam and Eve?Seth
Who, in his new-found humility, asked God: ‘Behold, I am vile; what shall I answer thee?’Job
Complete this saying in the Bible, ‘I am the LORD your God who brought you out of _____, out of the land of slavery.’Egypt
In the Bible, who was the son of Rebecca and the husband of Rachel?Jacob
In the Bible Jesus spent how many days in the desert?40
What was the first name of the Mr Gray who originated the ‘physician’s bible’? Gray’s Anatomy?Henry
What did the devil tell Jesus to turn into bread?Stones
A servant of God and leader of the early church corresponding in a letter wrote, ‘Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.’James
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.’ These beautiful words are from which Psalm?119
In Genesis 46:27, the male souls of the house of Jacob were counted. How many, including Joseph and his sons, entered into Egypt?70
Who was the father of Jacob’s two brides, Rachel and Leah?Laban
Who was Cain’s brother in the Bible?Abel

Do you want more Bible trivia to have on your next trivia game, team building, or family get-together? Here are more Bible trivia questions and answers for you.

10. Pop Culture Trivia

Pop culture trivia questions

There’s a whole array of popular culture communities around the world. You can discuss popular music, video games, comics, and many more, and you wouldn’t run out of pop culture trivia! Here are some fifty pop culture trivia questions to get you started.

Which model appeared on the cover of the 24th and 27th anniversary editions of Playboy Brasil?Deborah Secco
The first James Bond movie to star Daniel Craig in the title role was what?Casino Royale
Michael Jordan starred alongside Bugs Bunny in which film?Space Jam
Movie character Forrest Gump is famously from what U.S. state?Alabama
The character Optimus Prime is one of the stars of which film franchise?Transformers
The movie ‘The Shining’ featured Jack Nicholson saying what iconic phrase?Here’s Johnny!
Who directed and starred in ‘Gran Torino?’Clint Eastwood
Jack Donaghy in the TV sitcom ’30 Rock’ is played by which actor?Alec Baldwin
Which Brazilian footballer has featured in adverts for Viagra?Pele
Al Pacino played which character in ‘The Godfather’ series of films?Michael Corleone
The 2005 film version of ‘War of the Worlds’ featured which actor doing the narration?Morgan Freeman
Hollywood actor Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson made his name in which sport?Wrestling
Who sang ‘Dance the Night Away?’David Lee Roth
Which superhero has powers similar to a spider?Spider-Man
A character played by Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for saying what line?I’ll be back
Actor Lazaro Ramos is married to which actress?Tais Araujo
The Sylvester Stallone film ‘Escape to Victory’ centerd around which sport?Soccer
Batman was played by which actor in 2016’s ‘Justice League?’Ben Affleck
Which famous boxer had Will Smith play him in the movie biopic of his life?Muhammad Ali
How many times has Jennifer O’Neill been married?9
The bald doctor in the ‘Austin Powers’ series had what name?Dr Evil
What is the most outstanding event wherein people will decorate the trail where Jesus will walk through to his crucifixion?Sawdust carpets
The 1988 Winter Olympic Jamaican bobsleigh team were the central characters in which film?Cool Runnings
Ed Norton and Brad Pitt starred together in what film?Fight Club
Which word is missing from the film title: ‘One flew Over the … Nest’.Cuckoo’s
The head of the Corleone family in ‘The Godfather’ was played by which actor?Marlon Brando
The title role in the 2000 film semi-biopic ‘Erin Brockovich’ was played by which actress?Julia Roberts
The character of The Dude in ‘The Big Lebowski’ had a penchant for what sport?Bowling
Edward Cullen in the ‘The Twilight’ film series is played by which actor?Robert Pattinson
Jim Carrey played which holiday character?The Grinch
Paul Feig directed Kristen Wiig, Rebel Wilson and Maya Rudolph in which 2011 comedy film?Bridesmaids
Which actor was Nathalia Dill married to from 2013 to 2014?Caio Soh
The title role in the 2008 film ‘Hancock’ was played by which actor?Will Smith
The film ‘Batman Returns’ was released in what year?1992
The 2001 film ‘Pearl Harbor’ featured which World War?World War II
In 2006, Gisele Bundchen dated which pro surfer?Kelly Slater
Tom Hanks became stranded on a desert island in the film ‘Cast Away’ due to what incident?Plane crash
Which rapper’s life is documented in the film ‘Get Rich or Die Tryin”?50 Cent
Name the planet inhabited by blue creatures in the movie ‘Avatar’?Pandora
Which actress played the role of little girl Gertie in 80s classic ‘E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial’?Drew Barrymore
Isabeli Fontana married which actor and model in 2005?Henri Castelli
Russell Crowe fought in which location in the movie ‘Gladiator’?Colosseum
Judges on chairs that rotate to see the auditionees after their performance are featured in which TV series?The Voice
Muril Benicio has a son named Antonio with which actress?Alessandra Negrini
Isabeli Fontana was engaged to which Marley?Rohan Marley
Actress Betty Lago was married to which actor for many years?Eduardo Conde
A teen drama by Mark Schwahn about a basketball team as the premise is what TV series?One Tree Hill
Daniela Escobar married which director in 1995?Jayme Monjardim
What famous video game features characters like Ryu, Ken, and Bison?Street Fighter
Which Brazilian model had a wardrobe malfunction in her first ever fashion show appearance when her top fell open?Izabel Goulart

Don’t stop with just these pop culture trivia questions. We have a whole selection of other culture trivia questions and answers for you right here.

11. European History Trivia

European history trivia questions

The continent of Europe is one massive collection of cultures, stories, traditions, and people groups. Let’s see how much of European history you can remember through this trivia collection.

Which 1950s singer was known as ‘The Girl with the Giggle’?Alma Cogan
What was the first name of Mr Armstrong-Jones, who met Princess Margaret in 1958?Anthony
The ‘X’ rating introduced to British films in 1951 indicated the movie was suitable for people over which age?16
What was the name of the Monaco prince who married Grace Kelly in 1956?Rainier
What was the first name of murderer Christie, hanged for killing his wife in 1953?John
What was the profession of Margot Fonteyn, who was arrested in Panama in 1959?Dancer
Which supermarket brand opened the UK’s first purpose-built supermarket in 1950?Sainsbury’s
What was the name of the Grand Duchess of Luxembourg from 1919 to 1964?Charlotte
What was the first name of musician and actor Novello, who died in 1951?Ivor
Which artist had the best selling album of 1956 with ‘Calypso’?Harry Belafonte
Which British Prime Minister announced the Premium Bond savings scheme in 1956?Macmillan
Velcro was invented in which country in 1957?Switzerland
Which European country founded its air force in July 1952?Portugal
Which country won the first Eurovision Song Contest in 1956?Switzerland
Which country made its Olympic debut at the Helsinki games in 1952?Israel
The Manchester United team were on their way back from which city when involved in the 1958 air crash?Belgrade
The Scapino Ballet Studio in which city was destoyed by fire in 1954?Amsterdam
Which member of the UK Royal Family opened the 1958 Olympics in Australia?Duke of Edinburgh
Which country was excliuded from Marshall Aid in 1952 as it had remained neutral during WW2?Ireland
Which country hosted the 1958 World Cup?Sweden
What was the first name of Ms Cogan, a 1950s British singer?Alma
What was the name of the Soviet Union’s satellite which successfully went into orbit in 1957?Sputnik
What was the top prize when Premium Bonds were released in the UK in 1956?ÂŁ1,000
The start of the 1950 English football season saw the number of teams in the four divisions rise to how many?92
What is ‘Bild’, which first appeared in Germany in 1952?Newspaper
Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes was involved in a serious air crash near which UK city in 1959?London
What was Richard Baker the first person to do on the BBC in 1954?Read the News
What were the surnames of James and Francis, who discovered DNA in 1953?Watson and Crick
What was Ghana known as before it gained its independence in 1957?Gold Coast
Which side won every European Cup from 1956 to 1960?Real Madrid
The 1953 East Germany uprising started with a strike in which industry?Construction
The first IKEA store opened in which country in 1958?Sweden
The first trials of which method of transport took place in the UK in 1959?Hovercraft
Which of the UK home nations withdrew from the 1950 World Cup in Brazil?Scotland
The UK medical authorities first linked lung cancer with which activity in 1957?Smoking
What was the first name of scientist and Nobel winner Fleming, who died in March 1955?Alexander
The UK’s first purpose-built supermarket opened in which London suburb in 1950?Croydon
What was British Empire Day renamed as in 1958?Commonwealth Day
Which country put England out of the 1958 World Cup?USSR
The Tierpark Zoo in which German city opened in 1955?Berlin
What was the first name of Mr Coward, a flamboyant actor, playwright and singer of the 1950s?Noel
The ocean liner Aquitania was scrapped in 1950, but what shipping line owned her?Cunard
What type of craft was HMS Affray, which went missing in 1951?Submarine
Which singer, most associated with wartime songs, had a hit with ‘My Son, My Son’ in 1954?Vera Lynn
What was the regnal number of Olav, who became King of Norway in 1956?5
Which singer had a UK hit with ‘Unchained Melody’ in 1955?Jimmy Young
What was the name of Harry Corbett’s glove puppet bear, who first appeared on UK tv in 1952?Sooty
Which disease killed George Orwell in 1950?Tuberculosis
Which country knocked England out of the 1954 World Cup in Switzerland?Uruguay
What was the name of the wife of the Norwegian Crown Prince, who died in 1954?Martha

Looking for more trivia about the beautiful continent of Europe and the wonderful cities in it? View more Europe trivia in this collection.

12. Anne Frank Trivia

Anne Frank trivia questions

Anne Frank is one of the most prominent figures of all time. She has inspired and challenged many people across generations. So if she has influenced you in any way, it seems fitting to try and see how much the author and historic figure you know! Try out this Anne Frank trivia challenge.

Anne Frank’s friend Hanneli Goslar went on to which occupation?Nurse
How many versions of Anne Frank’s diary are there?3
During the summer of 1943 Anne Frank eagerly recounts how which enemy country drops out of the war?Italy
How old was Margot Frank when she died?19
Anne Frank Remembered’ won an Academy Award for Best Documentary in what year?1996
How many siblings did Anne Frank have?1
In what month is Anne Frank believed to have died?March
What was the name of Anne Frank’s father?Otto
Hanneli Goslar gave Anne Frank bread and what else while in Bergen-Belsen?Socks
In what year was Anne Frank’s diary published?1947
In what year was Anne Frank’s mother born?1900
Anne Frank died in which conflict?WWII
In what year did Anne Frank die?1945
Anne Frank’s sister Margot was good at what?Math
In what year was Anne Frank born?1929
In what year did Anne Frank lose her German citizenship?1941
The Bergen-Belsen concentration camp was liberated in which year?1945
At what age did Anne Frank begin writing her diary?13
How many employees knew of Anne Frank’s group hiding?4
In what year did Anne Frank’s father die?1980
Anne Frank was given a diary for which of her birthdays?13th
In what language was Anne Frank’s diary first published?Dutch
Otto Frank started a company in Amsterdam selling what?Herbs
How old was Anne Frank when her family went into hiding?13
What does Anne Frank call her diary?Kitty
In what year did Anne Frank go into hiding?1942
In what year was Anne Frank’s diary first published in English?1952
In what year was the documtary film ‘Anne Frank Remembered’ released?1995
How many people in total were in the annex where Anne Frank was hiding?Eight
What was the name of Anne Frank’s mother?Edith
Who eventually publishes Anne’s diary?Otto
What was Anne Frank’s middle name?Marie
Anne Frank’s diary chronicles between 1942 and when?1944
What was Anne Frank’s Grandmother called?Rosa
Germany invaded the Netherlnds in which year?1940
In which year did Anne Frank move to Amsterdam?1933
Whose room does Dussel move into?Anne
By the conclusion of her diary, Anne Frank believes that people are fundamentally what?Good
In which year did the Nazis gain control of Germany?1933
What group is Anne Frank and her family hiding from?Nazis
In which country was the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp located?Germany
What is Anne Frank’s overwhelming mood during the second half of 1943?Depressed
Who headed Otto Frank’s business after it was forced into liquidation?Jan Gies
The Frank’s were what type of Jews?Liberal
What reminder of the war outside keeps Anne Frank up at night?Bombings
How long did Anne Frank spend in hiding?2 years
Anne Frank’s diary begins on which date in 1942?12th June
What was the name of Anne Frank’s sister?Margot
What was Edith Frank’s maiden name?Hollander
Otto Frank was offered a job in which city in 1933?Amsterdam

After dying in a concentration camp in World War 2, Anne Frank would become a force for change and justice for many years to come. Learn more about World Ward 2 heroes and events in this compilation on World War 2 trivia questions and answers.

13. Book Quotes Trivia

Book quotes trivia questions

Book quotes fill our hearts and minds all the time, guiding us through the enchanting thoughts and inspirational messages they hold. See how many of these book quotes you can remember! Try out this book quotes trivia question library.

According to Jane Austen, a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of what?Wife
According to Douglas Adams, what is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything?42
The great fish moved silently through the night water’ is the first line of what book?Jaws
The line from Treasure Island is ‘yo ho ho and a bottle of…’ what?rum
Who is described as ‘the girl who was on fire’ in The Hunger Games?Katniss
Beatrix Potter writes ‘Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were–Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail, and …?’Peter
To sleep, perchance to dream’ is a line from which work by William Shakespeare?Hamlet
Which John Grisham thriller has the line ‘Any lawyer worth his salt knew the first offer had to be rejected’?[blur toggle=click]The Firm
Which author wrote, ‘Maybe okay will be our always.’?[blur toggle=click]John Green
To be, or not to be: that is the question’ is the most famous line in which Shakespeare work?Hamlet
Finish the quote from Wuthering Heights ‘Honest people don’t hide their ….’deeds
Complete the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory quote: ‘Rainbow drops – suck them and you can … in six different colors’spit
Fill in the blank in the quote from the novel Cloud Atlas ‘What is a BLANK, but a multitude of drops’ocean
Complete the title of the Judy Blume book – ‘Are you there God? It’s me, …’Margaret
What season is said to be like ‘sun shining on the rain and rain falling on the sunshine’ in The Secret Garden?spring
Which Lord of the Rings character refers to a valuable item as ‘My Precious’?Gollum
Fill the blank in the Wizard of Oz quote: ‘Some people without … do an awful lot of talking, don’t you think’brains
Nothing captures human interest more than human ________ ‘ in ‘Angels and Demons’?tragedy
According to the title of the book. ‘Highly Successful People’ have how many habits?7
Second star to the right and straight on ’til morning’ are the directions to where?Neverland
What ‘drowns out all but the brightest stars?’ according to Lord of the Rings?moonlight
Complete the line from Green Eggs and Ham: ‘I do not like green eggs and ham. I do not like them, …’Sam I Am
Who wrote the oft quoted lines ”He was my North, my South, my East and West, My working week and my Sunday rest.’W H Auden
The lady doth protest too much, methinks’ is often quoted, but what Shakespeare work is it from?Hamlet
Which Stephen King horror novel has the line ‘High school isn’t a very important place. When you’re going you think it’s a big deal, but when it’s over nobody really thinks it was great’?Carrie
A good countenance is a letter of recommendation’ is a line from which book, which shares its name with a famous singer?Tom Jones
Who wrote the line in the Godfather ‘Great men are not born great, they grow great ‘?Mario Puzo
Vaughan died yesterday in his last car-crash’ is a quote from which J G Ballard novel?Crash
Who said at the end of the Wizard of Oz ‘Aunt Em! I’m so glad to be at home again!’Dorothy
Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre says ‘I would always rather be happy than ….’?dignified
Which author wrote in Anna Karenina, ‘if you look for perfection, you’ll never be content’?Tolstoy
Something is rotten in the state of ….’ where, according to William Shakespeare?Denmark
Complete the 1984 slogan : ‘War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is …’strength
What career is mentioned in Oliver Twist with: ‘We won’t make …. of you, while there’s an honest trade to be learnt, or brick-making to turn to’an author
Complete the famous line from a JRR Tolkein classic: ‘In a hole in the ground there lived a ….’?hobbit
Which two-faced character says, ‘You must suffer me to go my own dark way’ in a Stevenson novel?Dr Jekyll
Complete the Samuel Becektt quote: ‘Let’s go.’ ‘We can’t.’ ‘Why not?’ ‘We’re waiting for….’Godot
Two rights don’t equal a ..’ what, according to Roald Dahl’s BFG?left
The quote ‘All children, except one, grow up’ refers to which character?Peter Pan
Everyone loves a …’ what, according to the Da Vinci Code?conspiracy
What hour were the clocks striking in the famous quotation from the first line of 1984?13
Complete The Godfather quote ‘… can steal more money with a briefcase than a thousand men with guns and masks.’lawyers
In which novel do we first hear ‘Big Brother is watching?’1984
Adventures do occur, but not punctually’ is a line from a book about which country?India
Finish the quote from The Godfather: ‘Never hate your enemies. It affects your ….’judgement
Four legs good, two legs bad’ is from a novel criticising which sort of political regime?communism
What crime is Macbeth thinking of committing when he says ‘Let not light see my black and deep desires?’murder
Complete the Wuthering Heights quote ‘She burned too bright for this …’world
Complete the quote from To Kill A Mockingbid ‘Atticus told me to delete the … and I’d have the facts’.adjectives
I am Oz, the Great and ….’what, says the character in the Wizard of Oz?terrible

Science Fiction is one of the most prominent literary genres. So if you want to keep diving into the world of books and other expressions of scifi, check out this science fiction trivia challenge.

14. Literature Trivia

Literature trivia questions

There’s so much literature that has mesmerized the bookworm community across generations. So it’s fitting to have a literature and books trivia challenge to serve book lovers, poem enthusiasts, and literature geeks around the world!

Who is the author of The Da Vinci Code?Dan Brown
Who is the author of ’50 Shades’ erotic trilogy?E.L. James
In the book ‘Antony and Cleopatra’, in the concluding lines of Act 4, Scene 8, Antony says heaven and earth will do what to Antony and his companions?Applaud them
Chester Gould created which detective?Jim Rockford
Which book was Roald Dalh’s first children’s book?The Gremlins
In the novel by Michael Connelly, how is attorney Mickey Haller described?The Lincoln Lawyer
In the book ‘Elbow Room’, who reminded Rogers of a disturbance caused by Charles previously?Ex-secretary
Life is the title of the 2011 autobiography of which member of the Rolling Stones?Keith Richards
Catching Fire and Mockingjay are books in what fiction series?The Hunger Games
Authors Andy McNab and Chris Ryan served together in which armed forces unit?SAS
Heroes, Mythos and Troy are books about Greek legends by which national treasure?Stephen Fry
Which TV political thriller is based on a trilogy of novels by Michael Dobbs?House Of Cards
In the book ‘Love in the Time of Cholera’, who assists Dr. Urbino in the courting process?Lorenzo Daza
Sebastian Faulks, Jeffrey Deaver and Anthony Horovitz have written novels about which spy?James Bond
Becoming is the best-selling 2018 book by which former First Lady of the USA?Michelle Obama
The title of a best-selling novel by Delia Owens refers to what shellfish?Crawdads
In the book ‘Robert Kennedy and His Times’, who assisted in secret negotiations with Castro?John Donovan
The Dark Tower’ is a novel from which writer?Stephen King
In the book ‘Always Running: La Vida Loca, Gang Days in L.A’, how long does Luis spend in jail in the incident with the beating of the woman?A few months
Who wrote a 2008 best-seller called My Booky Wook?Russell Brand
Killing Floor by Lee Child is the first novel to feature which protagonist?Jack Reacher
In 2009, who won the Nobel Prize Winner for literature?Herta Muller
Anita and Me is a novel by which British actress?Meera Syal
In the book ‘The Ants’, what type of weather facilitates the introduction of parasitic queens?Cool weather
In the book ‘Sula’, who is building big houses on the hills?White people
Which author wrote ‘Tess of the D’Urbevilles’?Thomas Hardy
The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency books by Alexander McCall Smith are set in which country?Botswana
Who is the lead male character in ‘Gone With the Wind’?Rhett Butler
What is the title of the best-selling self-help book by Rhonda Byrne?The Secret
Who wrote the classic novel ‘Wuthering Heights’?Emily BrontĂ«
In ‘Dido and Aeneas’, Dido is the queen of which civilization?Carthaginian
In the book ‘Philip Hall Likes Me, I Reckon Maybe’, what does Beth say they should challenge the Tiger Hunter’s Club to?A relay race
How long did Rip Van Winkle sleep for?Twenty years
Which American President wrote the book ‘The Audacity of Hope: Reclaiming the American Dream’?Barack Obama
Tomorrow Will Be A Good Day is the 2020 autobiography of which lockdown celebrity?Sir Tom Moore
John Steinbeck’s story title ‘Of Mice and Men’ is from a poem by whom?Robert Burns
Rosencrantz and who are dead’ according to Tom Stoppard?Guildenstern
Commander in Cheat by Rick Reilly is a study of Donald Trump’s exploits in which sport?Golf
In the book ‘American Pastoral’, what is the name of Dawn’s doctor who gave her the facelift?Dr. LaPlante
In the book ‘The Beak of the Finch’, what is the setting of the first part of the epilogue?Daphne Major
Who is the author of ´The Alchemist´?Paulo Coelho
Who wrote the castaway novel ‘Robinson Crusoe’?Daniel Defoe
In the book ‘The Great Fire’, how is Aldred wounded in war?Grenade bomb
In the book ‘Song of Solomon’, what does Milkman leave behind?His suitcase
Amateur detective Miss Marple lives where?St Mary Mead
In the book ‘The Shipping News’, what is seemingly the identity of the corpse Quoyle found?Mr. Melville
Far From The Madding Crowd’ is a novel by which author?Thomas Hardy
Who wrote the iconic novel ‘On The Road’?Jack Kerouac
Rosencrantz and who are dead according to Tom Stoppard?Guildenstern
Who writes the Max Wolfe novels, beginning with The Murder Bag?Tony Parsons

There are tons of other thought leaders and writers who are sure to inspire you. To learn more about them through a fun trivia challenge, check out this assembly of literature trivia.

15. “Friends” Trivia

Friends trivia questions

Arguably one of the most popular television series of all time, “Friends” has become an icon for TV lovers everywhere! Follow Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, and the rest of the cast and see how much of this show you know. Here’s a “Friends” trivia challenge for all.

Monica had a relationship with her childhood…?Opthamologist
A spin-off based on which character was cancelled during its second season?Joey
How did Chandler mistype Rachel’s name on Ross’ pros and cons list?Rachem
In ‘Friends’, what is Ross’ son called?Ben
In the TV series ‘Friends’ what is Joey and Chandler’s favorite TV show?Baywatch
In ‘Friends’, what do Monica and Chandler call their twins?Erica & Jack
In ‘Friends’, which school did Monica, Ross and Rachel all attend?Lincoln High
Friends was developed by which television network?NBC
What character did Elle MacPherson play?Janine
In ‘Friends’, Joey’s imaginary childhood friend was what?Space Cowboy
In the TV Show ‘Friends’, during which holiday were the group locked out of the apartment and dinner was ruined?Thanksgiving
In ‘Friends’, which supermodel played Joey’s girlfriend, Janine?Elle MacPherson
Phoebe had a lifesize cardboard cut-out of who?Evander Holyfield
About which skill did Joey lie on his resume and land himself in an awkward situation?Dancing
What song did Rachel sing at her ex’s wedding?Copacabana
From what stuffed toy did Rachel and Monica steal clothes to hide a bump on Ross’ son’s head?Rainy Day Bear
In ‘Friends, what was the name of Ross’ second wife?Emily
Joey said Ross was what of ‘The Zone’?Mayor
Joey’s father was having an affair with a pet mortician called what?Ronni
What nationality was Rachel’s boyfriend Paolo?Italian
What is Chandler’s mom called?Nora
In ‘Friends’, which song does Phoebe sing most often?Smelly Cat
What is Phoebe’s dad called in Friends?Frank
In what series do Phoebe and Monica fight over a cute guy in a coma?One
In ‘Friends’, which supermodel played Joey’s girlfriend, Janine?Elle MacPherson
What is Monica and Ross’ father called?Jack
In ‘Friends’, how many nipples does Chandler have?Three
In ‘Friends’, Joey auditions for what part in All My Children?Nick The Boxer
What is Rachel’s surname in Friends?Green
In ‘Friends’, Phoebe had a lifesize cardboard cut-out of who?Evander Holyfield
In ‘Friends’, what was the name of Ross’ first wife?Carol
For what beer does Ross’ monkey appear in an advert?MonkeyShine
Joey auditions for what part in ‘All My Children’?Nick The Boxer
What is Ross son called?Ben
For whom was Joey a ‘butt-double’?Al Pacino
How many seasons did Friends run for?10
What is Phoebe’s surname in Friends?Buffay
In which year did Friends first air?1994
In ‘Friends’, Joey said Ross was what of ‘The Zone’?Mayor
In ‘Friends’, Joey from Friends played Dr Drake Ramore in which fictional show?Days of our Lives
How many Primetime Emmy awards was the TV show ‘Friends’ nominated for?62
In ‘Friends’, Chandler dated a woman with what unusual look?Unusually large head
Joey’s imaginary childhood friend was what?Space Cowboy
In ‘Friends’, for whom was Joey a ‘butt-double’?Al Pacino
At which studios was Friends filmed?Warner Bros.
Joey was on a poster raising awareness for which disease?V.D.
In ‘Friends’, how old was Phoebe when her mother committed suicide?13
On which date in 2004 did the series finale air?May 6 2004
In ‘Friends’, which song does Phoebe sing most often?Smelly Cat
Monica had a boyfriend who was addicted to what?Alcohol

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16. General Knowledge Trivia

General knowledge trivia questions

Do you need a random collection of general knowledge trivia questions and answers? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Why not start off with these fifty general knowledge trivia?

Orly airport serves which European city?Paris
Which word means a list of things you wish to achieve in your lifetime?Bucket List
15th century painter Jan van Eyck was from which country?Netherlands
What is the single word title of the famous novel by Alex Haley?Roots
Norma Jean Mortenson was the birth name of which movie star?Marilyn Monroe
The popular pet bird budgerigars originate in which country?Australia
Voodoo beliefs originated in which Caribbean island nation?Haiti
Flamenco is a traditional dance style associated with which country?Spain
In the international radio alphabet, which word represents M?Mike
Rattlesnakes are native to which continent?North America
Which items would you find for sale in a draper’s shop?Cloth
Earl Lloyd was the first African-American to play which sport professionally?Basketball
Smores are made with cookies and which other food?Marshmallows
The traditional Hindu festival of colors has which name?Holi
Which word means the same as not very often?Rarely
What nationality was the ‘Lietutenant’s Woman’ in the title of a John Fowles novel?French
Cupid is the Roman equivalent of which Greek Dog?Eros
The Strait of Gibraltar divides Morocco from which country in mainland Europe?Spain
Uncle Sam is the personification of which country?United States
Queen Elizabeth II is linked with which breed of dog?Corgi
Galloway, Holstein, and Maine-Anjou are breeds of which farm animal?Cow
A phyllophobe is afraid of what?Leaves
Which medic has contractions in pregnancy named after him?Braxton Hicks
The US President is always inaugurated in which month of the year?January
If there’s lots of potential, you are told that the world is your what?Oyster
Which word can come after baby, bridal, and meteor?Shower
On which continent did modern humans first evolve?Africa
Someone who is teetotal doesn’t do what?Drink Alcohol
Papa John’s is a fast-food chain serving which food?Pizza
Which plant does latex usually come from?Rubber
In which language does ‘Konnichi Wa’ mean hello?Japanese
In which building would you find clerks, ushers, and a jury?Courthouse
If you follow instructions saying purl two, cast off, what are you doing?Knitting
Who wrote ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin’?Harriet Beecher Stowe
Photophobia is extreme sensitivity to what?Light
What is both the name of a Spanish dance, and a short jacket worn open at the front?Bolero
Halloween was traditionally a festival to mark the end of what?Summer
What was stored in Fort Knox?Gold
The Harlem Renaissance was a cultural movement in which US city?New York
Oxford and Cambridge are famous universities in which country?England
Which animal’s name translates as ‘river horse’?Hippopotamus
Who is the dictatorial father figure in Dickens’ ‘Hard Times’?Thomas Gradgrind
A dummy which an artist uses to practice drawing figures has which name?Mannequin
Which herb shares its name with a place where coins are made?Mint
What is the name of Angela Lansbury’s detective character in ‘Murder, She Wrote’?Jessica
A painted lady is a variety of which item?Butterfly
The Channel Islands lie between England and which country?France
Which crystal is put in watches to help them keep time?Quartz
Which evil mythological creature was part woman and part bird?Harpy
Which Italian city is the center of the country’s fashion industry?Milan

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17. Geography Trivia

Geography trivia questions

Geography introduces us to the many wonders of the natural world. Many of the cities, landmarks, and water forms that awe us can be found in this one collection of geography trivia. How many will you get right? Let’s find out!

What color is the cross on the flag of Switzerland?White
99 per cent of which country’s population live in a valley or delta of the River Nile?Egypt
Which of the African countries is an island?Madagascar
Which party won the General Election in South Africa in 2009?ANC
What percentage of the African continent is covered by the Sahara Desert?25%
What is the capital of Egypt?Cairo
For most of the 20th century, what was Zimbabwe called?Rhodesia
What famous waterfall lies between Zambia and Zimbabwe?Victoria Falls
Which of the countries of Africa is first alphabetically?Algeria
The Kissi, the Meru and the Kikuyu are tribes in which African nation?Kenya
Which ancient civilization was formed in Africa and known for the pyramids, mummies, and hieroglyphics?[blur toggle=click]Egyptian
1936 Olympics star Jesse Owens was from which country?United States
Bamako is the capital of which African country?Mali
What African country has Yaoundé as its capital? Cameroon
Which is Africa’s least densely populated country?Western Sahara
The ruins of ancient Carthage are found in the suburbs of which modern city?Tunis
What is the largest cave system in the world? Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park
Which popular holiday destination lies off the coast of Western Sahara in Africa?Canary Islands
Augusta is the capital of which American state?Maine
What is the more common name for the island of Unguja which lies off the east coast of Africa?Zanzibar
In terms of population what is the largest city in Africa?Cairo
The Live Aid concerts in 1985 took place in which London music venue?Wembley Stadium
Which country’s capital city is home to the Munch Museum?Norway
In 1912, which country moved their capital city?India
What is the largest country in Africa?Sudan
Which ‘K’ is the highest peak in Africa? Kilimanjaro
What is Africa’s largest desert?Namib
After which natural feature is the African country of Niger named?River
Which European capital city is the name of two towns merged together?Budapest
Which other African country does Mauritius lie closest to?Madagascar
What is the capital of the Republic of Ireland?Dublin
How many of the world’s population live in Africa?1 in 8
In which country did Robert Mugabe come to power in 1980?Zimbabwe
Which mountain range is the traditional border between Asia and Europe?Caucasus
Off which coast of Africa does the island of Zanzibar lie?East
The Krka and Brijuni National Parks are situated in which country?Croatia
Australia’s national swan is what color?Black
How many deserts are there in Brazil?1
Which North African city has a name which means ‘white house’ in Spanish?Casablanca
From which country did Algeria gain independence in 1962?France
Who was the first to call America a ‘New World’?Amerigo Vespucci
The lowest point in Africa is Asal Lake – in which country can it be found?Tunisia
Nigeria has Africa’s biggest population, which is second?Ethiopia
Lake Volta lies in which African country?Ghana
Which African city is overlooked by Table Mountain? Cape Town
Which country was known as Nyasaland?Malawi
Which religion regards Africa as a spiritual state rather than a geographical place?Rastafarianism
In which year did Nelson Mandela become President of South Africa?1994
Freetown is the capital of which African country?Sierra Leone
Which African country is not a monarchy?Tunisia

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18. Asia Trivia

Asia trivia questions

Asia is the biggest continent on Earth and has a rich collection of some of the most colorful cultures and people groups. So travel with us across Asian countries and discover more about them in this Asia trivia questions and answers collection!

In Japan, what is the Shinkansen?Bullet Train
Which is the predominant color on the national flag of Saudi Arabia?Green
Vientiane is the capital of which country?Laos
Name the country located in the Himalayas?Nepal
Benjamin Netanyahu is the PM of which country?Israel
The Deccan Plateau is in which country?India
Burma is now known by what name?Myanmar
Siam was the former name of which country?Thailand
What sea is Bear Island found in?Barents Sea
Which nation is known as the ‘Abode of Peace’?Brunei
Which fruit, popular in parts of Asia, is notoriously malodorous?Durian
Which Japanese city hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics?Sapporo
A famous breed of hound comes from which country?Afghanistan
Beirut is which country’s capital?Lebanon
Which is the predominant color on the national flag of Pakistan?Green
What is the city state in Southeast Asia with the biggest economy?Singapore
What country is Kota Kinabalu in?Malaysia
Since 1981, mombai is the official name for which Indian city?Bombay
Which is the predominant color on the national flag of Kyrgyzstan?Red
In which country is there a town named Kandy?Sri Lanka
Taipei is the capital city of which country?Taiwan
Air Asia is an airline owned by who?Tony Fernandez
When was Burma’s name changed to Myanmar?1989
Which country has Russia to the north and China to the south and is known for its nomadic people?Mongolia
Which country shares the longest continuous border with China?Mongolia
Bishkek is the capital of what country?Kyrgyzstan
Which country on the Mediterranean is to the north of Turkey?Syria
Bharat is an alternative name for which Asian country?India
Orchard Road, that had a $40 million revamp in 2009, is the retail and entertainment center of which city?Singapore
Vientiane is capital of which Asian country?Laos
What is the Asia’s 6th largest country?Mongolia
Which is the capital of Azerbaijan?Baku
Sentosa is an island resort in which country?Singapore
What is the name given to the stretch of water between China and Korea?Yellow Sea
Colombo City is found in which country?Sri Lanka
The motto of which country is ‘Truth Alone Triumphs’?India
The Mekong Delta is in which Asian country?Vietnam
Seoul is which country’s capital?South Korea
Dushanbe is the capital of which country?Tajikistan
You will find Kuala Lumpur in which country?Malaysia
In 1946 Vietnam fought a war for independence against which country?France
Which country consists of over 7000 islands?The Philippines
What is the unlucky number in China?4
Which country was previously called Siam?Thailand
Tashkent is the capital of what country?Uzbekistan
Name the eastern most country on the Indochina peninsula?Vietnam
Which country used to be called the Khmer Empire?Cambodia
Damascus is the capital of what country?Syria
Which country was previously called Persia?Iran
In which country is the port of Latakia?Syria

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19. Australia Trivia

Australia trivia questions

Let’s take a trip to the Land Down Under and see what this country has to offer to trivia fanatics worldwide. Take this ultimate Australia trivia challenge and share with your family and friends while you’re at it.

Which country is known as the Land of the Rising Sun?Japan
What company currently produces Vegemite, the Australian spread?Kraft Foods
What proportion of Australia is desert?One Third
What did Australia abolish in 1985? Death Penalty
What is the state capital of South Australia? Adelaide
What is the predominant color on the flag of Australia?Blue
What is the name of the largest desert in Australia?Great Victoria Desert
In which region of Australia is Uluru, Ayers Rock? Northern Territory
What is the highest mountain in Tasmania?Mt Ossa
What is the largest city in Australia?Sydney
What is the name of the currency used in Australia?Dollars
In what year was the Sydney Opera House opened?1973
What comprises approximately two-thirds of the land mass of Christmas Island?National Park
What is Australia’s national floral emblem?The Golden Wattle
Complete the name of the natural feature that lies off  Australia: Great Barrier … Reef
What is the capital city of Tasmania?Hobart
What is the name of the river that Hobart lies along?Derwent River
What marsupial features on the Coat of Arms of Australia?Kangaroo
What is the ‘nickname’ for Tasmania?Apple Isle
In which continent is the country Australia in?Oceania
What is the official language of Australia?English
What is the name given to the desert that covers a lot of Australia?Outback
What is the capital of Australia? Canberra
In 1999, who did Australia vote to keep as their head of state? The Queen
Big Ben is the name of a volcano on which Australian island? Heard Island
When is Australia Day?Jan-26
Australia is separated from which country by the Tasman Sea?New Zealand
What is the capital city of Northern Territory in Australia? [blur toggle=click]Darwin
How do Australians refer to English people?[blur toggle=click]Pomes
Darwin is the capital city of which Australian state?[blur toggle=click]Northern Territory
Near which sea is the capital city of Darwin located?[blur toggle=click]The Timor Sea
What is the name of the famous reef of the north coast of Australia?Great Barrier Reef
What is Australia’s Great Artesian Basin?Water source
What is Australia’s largest terrestrial predator? Dingo
Australia’s National Portrait Gallery is located where?Canberra
How many states are there in Australia?7
Melbourne in Australia has the largest population of which nationality outside of Europe?Greek
Australia’s land mass is part of which major tectonic plate?Indo-Australian Plate
What is the surname of former Australian PM Bob? Hawke
On which coast of Australia does Melbourne lie? South
Which explorer arrived at Botany Bay in Australia in 1770?James Cook
In which state of Australia would you find the area known as the Wheatbelt?Western Australia
Which Australian animal doesn’t need to drink? Koala
Which city was Australia’s capital from 1901 to 1927? Melbourne
Where is Hobart found?Tasmania
Which ocean is Australia bordered by?Pacific
What was believed to exist in the center of Australia which sent many European explorers scuttling there in the 1820s and 1830s?A large inland sea
What’s the capital of Australia?Canberra
Which Australian cricketer has the nickname ‘The Don’?Donald Bradman
What is the coldest month on average in New Zealand?July

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20. Music Trivia

music trivia questions

Music lovers unite. This is the time to see how much you know about various genres of music, artists, songs, hits and more. Take this music trivia challenge and bring some of your music-loving friends along for the ride!

American Idol runner-up Bo Bice released what song in 2005?Insider Your Heaven
What singer earned praise from critics in 2008 with ‘A Few Words In Defense Of Our Country’?Randy Newman
Which female singer recorded ‘There You’ll Be’ featured in the movie Pearl Harbour?Faith Hill
What reality TV star released a single called ‘About Us’ in 2006?Brooke Hogan
Nelly, P Diddy and Murphy Lee had a No.1 in 2003 with the song ‘Shake Ya….’?Tailfeather
In 2003 Justin Timberlake had a hit with the song ‘Cry me a….’?River
Complete the title of the 2004 hit by Ashlee Simpson ‘Pieces of….’?Me
Complete the title of the 2008 Leona Lewis hit ‘Bleeding…’?Love
Which is the correct name of the band who had a hit with ‘Bless Be The Name’?Tree 63
What group’s biggest hit in the 2000s was a cover of Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’?Alien Ant Farm
In what year did Black Eyed Peas released ‘Where is the Love?’?2003
Which rock band had the hit, ‘No One Knows’?Queens Of The Stone Age
Who performed the rock anthem ‘Party Hard’?Andrew W.K.
Which rap star had a hit with ‘Izzo’ in 2001?Jay Z
Which female popstar featured with Eve on the 2001 hit, ‘Let Me Blow Your Mind’?Gwen Stefani
Who performed with Gwen Stefani on the song ‘South Side’?Moby
Complete the name of the 2000s band who had a hit with ‘Get Over Yourself’ – Eden…?Crush
What group released the song ‘1985’ in 2004?Bowling For Soup
Who sang ‘Single Ladies’ and ‘Irreplaceable’ in the 2000s?BeyoncĂ©
What boy band sang on the song ‘Thank God I Found You’ with Mariah Carey?98 Degrees
Who sang the song ‘London Bridge’?Fergie
Who sang the song ‘Disturbia’?Rihanna
What is the first name of Miss Bedingfield who had a 2006 hit with ‘Unwritten’?Natasha
Which female popstar featured on the 2006 hit ‘Hips Don’t Lie’?Shakira[/blur]
Who teamed up with Kid Rock on the song ‘Picture’?Sheryl Crow[/blur]
What reality TV star released the single ‘Stars Are Blind’ in 2006?Paris Hilton[/blur]
Which male popstar featured in the 2006 hit ‘Hips Don’t Lie’?Wyclef Jean[/blur]
Who featured on the 2009 David Guetta hit ‘When Love Takes Over’?Kelly Rowland
Complete the title of the 2009 Black Eyed Peas track ‘Boom Boom…’?Pow
American Idol’ runner up Bo Bice released what song in 2005?Insider Your Heaven
Complete the title of the 2006 Ludacris and Pharrell hit ‘Money….’?Maker
Complete the title of the 2005 Black Eyed Peas hit ‘Don’t…..’?Lie
What Savage Garden spent four weeks on the charts in 2000?I Knew I Loved You
What group sang the song ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’?N Sync
Complete the title of the 2003 50 Cent No.1 hit ‘In Da….’?Club
What group released the song ‘Clint Eastwood’?Gorillaz
What band released singles such as ‘Wake Up’ and ‘Rebellion (Lies)’?Arcade Fire
What was the only number one hit in the 2000s for Terror Squad?Lean Back
What song was the only hit in the 2000s for the band Jet?Are You Gonna Be My Girl
What band had a song that spent the most number of weeks at number one on the Billboard charts in the 2000s?The Black Eyed Peas
Who featured with Ja Rule on the 2002 hit ‘Always on Time’?Ashanti
In what year did Fergie reach No.1 with ‘Big Girls Don’t Cry’?2007
Which band had a No.1 hit with ‘The Hand That Feeds was a No.1 hit for which band in 2006?Nine Inch Nails
What rapper released ‘Get Ur Freak On’ in 2001?Missy Elliott
Complete the title of the 2007 Carrie Underwood hit ‘Before he….’?Cheats
Complete the title of the 2005 Kelly Clarkson hit ‘Behind These….’?Hazel Eyes
In the name of the Black Eyed Peas Album ‘The E.N.D’ what does the E stand for?Energy
The huge hit single ‘Evergreen’ was released by which artist?Will Young
What song released the song ‘Bent’ in 2000?Matchbox Twenty
Who sang the song ‘Back to Black’?Amy Winehouse

There are so many more music trivia for song lovers everywhere. We have more for you in this post on music trivia questions and answers.

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