88+ Television Trivia Questions and Answers

How will you fair in a TV trivia questions challenge? Is your knowledge about the world’s most famous TV shows, TV advertisement history, and other things about television good enough? Go through easy TV trivia questions and some hard ones too in this ultimate collection.

Television Trivia

Did you know some of these interesting television trivia facts?

  • It takes about ten months to develop one episode of Family Guy.
  • Gene Hackman was supposed to play Mike Brady in “The Brady Bunch.”
  • Walter White’s nickname, Heisenberg, is based on a real scientist. Werner Heisenberg won a Nobel Prize in 1932 but would form part of the Nazis’ Nuclear Research team.

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Television Trivia Questions and Answers

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The Simpsons first debuted as a short in what American variety television show?▶ The Tracey Ullman Show
What is the longest running U.S. primetime television show of all time?▶ The Simpsons
Which actress played the genie in the American comedy sitcom “I Dream of Jeannie”?▶ Barbara Eden
Which actress plays the female lead in the American crime thriller television series “The Blacklist”?▶ Megan Boone
How many castaways were there on the American sitcom Gilligan’s Island?▶ Seven
What type of animal is Looney Tunes’ fictional character Foghorn J. Leghorn?▶ Rooster (Leghorn rooster)
“What you talkin’ ’bout, willis?” was a catchphrase spoken by the actor Gary Coleman on what American television show?▶ Diff’rent Stroke
What is the name of the dog from the 1960s television cartoon The Jetsons?▶ Astro
What does the muppet Oscar the Grouch live in?▶ A trash can
“Hey Boo Boo, let’s go get us a pic-a-nic basket!”, is a famous line often said by which cartoon character?▶ Yogi Bear 
Who was the star of the popular 80s crime drama Magnum P.I.?▶ Tom Selleck
Who played the fictional character Phoebe Buffay on the American sitcom Friends?▶ Lisa Valerie Kudrow
What was the name of the coffee shop in the hit sitcom friends?▶ Central Perk
What television host quipped at his 1990 wedding, “The answer is… yes”?▶ Alex Trebek
The live action superhero television series “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” premiered in what year?▶ 1993
What 1985-1992 sitcom earned Emmy awards for its four stars, all women over the age of 50?▶ Golden Girls
What is the color of Underdog’s cape?▶ Blue
Where does Spongebob Squarepants work?▶ The Krusty Krab
On the 80’s television show Moonlighting, what was the name of Maddie Hayes’ detective agency?▶ Blue Moon Detective Agency
Who ties Cloris Leachman for the most Emmys won by a female performer?▶ Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Who starred alongside Eddie Albert in the television sitcom “Green Acres”?▶ Eva Gabor
What late disc jockey was the voice of Shaggy in the cartoon, “Scooby-Doo, Where Are You?”▶ Casey Kasem
Who plays the role of Frank Reynolds in the comedy series “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”?▶ Danny Devito
What three-word parting catchphrase is engraved on voice actor Mel Blanc’s gravestone?▶ That’s all folks
In the television show Roseanne, which state did the Conner family live in?▶ Illinois
Which actress played Lauren Miller, Alex’s girlfriend on the last two seasons of Family Ties?▶ Courteney Cox
What comedian took over as host of The Price is Right after Bob Barker retired in 2007?▶ Drew Carey
Appearing on the show in 1982, who was the youngest person to ever host Saturday Night Live?▶ Drew Barrymore (Age 7)
In the American television comedy Laverne & Shirley, what was the name of the fictitious Milwaukee brewery?▶ Shotz Brewery
The first two seasons of Thomas the Tank Engine were narrated by which Beatle?▶ Ringo Starr
Merv Griffin cited roulette and the game of Hangman as inspirations for what television show?▶ Wheel of Fortune
Who was Ben Stein’s first co-host on the TV game show Win Ben Stein’s Money?▶ Jimmy Kimmel
Peter Falk played a homicide detective in what long running American television series?▶ Columbo
In the American sitcom ALF, Gordon Shumway crashes his spacecraft into the garage of which family?▶ The Tanner Family
“San Junipero” is a critically acclaimed 2016 episode of what science fiction television series?▶ Black Mirror
What HBO series shared its title with its narrator’s dating column in the fictional New York Star?▶ Sex and the City
Mayim Bialik, a real-life a Ph.D. in neuroscience, was cast as what character in the TV sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”?▶ Amy Farrah Fowler
In a homage to his native city, Tom Selleck’s character in Magnum, P.I. wears a baseball cap of what team?▶ The Detroit Tigers
In 1993, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Ryan Gosling joined what variety show?▶ The All-New Mickey Mouse Club
Lily Tomlin voiced Ms. Frizzle in the cartoon adaptation of what educational book series?▶ The Magic School Bus
In October 1962, who took over the permanent hosting duties of the Tonight Show?▶ Johnny Carson
Actor Earl Hindman’s face was usually obscured by a fence in what ’90s sitcom?▶ Home Improvement
Before starring in the hit TV series Baywatch, David Hasselhoff starred as a crime fighter in what ’80s TV show?▶ Knight Rider
Robin William’s television series, Mork and Mindy, was a spin-off of what other famous show?▶ Happy Days
In the 1960s Batman TV series, who played the role of The Penguin?▶ Burgess Meredith
On the television sitcom Family Ties, what was the name of Michael Fox’s character?▶ Alex P. Keaton
Alyssa Milano starred in what fantasy television drama about a group of sisters that discover they are witches?▶ Charmed
A fictional Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital in New Jersey, was the set of what popular American television medical drama starring Hugh Laurie?▶ House, M.D
The Amazing Race is an American reality competition show in which originally aired in what year?▶ 2001
What plays the character Marty Byrde in the TV drama series Ozark?▶ Jason Bateman
In 1982, Bill Murray appeared on what American late-night talk show as it’s first ever guest?▶ Late Night with David Letterman
Tina Fey created which popular satirical sitcom television series that aired from 2006 – 2013?▶ 30 Rock
Gilda Radner was one of the seven original cast members of which NBC sketch comedy show?▶ Saturday Night Live
Which outspoken former Scientologist was the female lead in the hit sitcom King of Queens?▶ Leah Remini
Which 1980’s television hit was renamed El Coche Fantastico for its Spanish viewers?▶ Knight Rider
How many fingers do the Simpsons cartoon characters have?▶ Four
What are the names of the two Muppet characters that heckle the rest of the cast from their balcony seats?▶ Statler and Waldorf
Who was the first actor to play Doctor Who in the television series?▶ William Hartnell
What was the first toy advertised on television?▶ Mr. Potato Head
Which Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle always wears red bandanas?▶ Raphael
On the hit show Seinfeld what was Kramer’s first name?▶ Cosmo
In what city does SpongeBob SquarePants live?▶ Bikini Bottom
What was the first ever series to air on the Disney Channel?▶ Good Morning, Mickey
Rod Serling created what famous science fiction television show?▶ The Twilight Zone
Who played the title character in the teen sitcom musical comedy “Hannah Montana”?▶ Miley Cyrus
What is Michael J. Fox’s middle name?▶ Andrew
Star Trek: The Next Generation originally aired in what year?▶ 1987
Orphan Black is a sci-fi television series filmed in which country?▶ Canada
What is the stage name of the member of Public Enemy who would later have a reality dating show?▶ Flavor Flav
America’s Next Top Model is an American reality television show created by which former model?▶ Tyra Banks
What is the brand name for the product that has a mascot of a muscular man with a shaved head and an earring?▶ Mr. Clean
Which former teen idol gained popularity playing the role of Miley Stewart on the Disney Channel television series Hannah Montana?▶ Miley Cyrus
What Star Trek: The Next Generation actor hosted the children’s show Reading Rainbow?▶ LeVar Burton
In the sitcom Family Matters and film Die Hard, actor Reginald VelJohnson’s character had what occupation?▶ Police officer
Who was the host of the American travel and food show No Reservations?▶ Anthony Bourdain
Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn auditioned for The X Factor as soloists, but competed together as what group?▶ One Direction
What is the name of the stock sound effect of a man screaming, used in hundreds of films and television shows?▶ The Wilhelm Scream
Which actor played the captain of the Enterprise in the television series “Star Trek the Next Generation”?▶ Patrick Stewart
Who is the voice of Spongebob Squarepants?▶ Tom Kenny
“Torchwood” is an anagram and spin-off of what popular British sci-fi series?▶ Doctor Who
What is the name of the American animated sci-fi sitcom about the misadventures of a mad scientist and his grandson?▶ Rick and Morty
In what city would you find the Wizard of Oz?▶ The Emerald City
Made up predominantly of young men, adult fans of the animated television series My Little Pony are known as what?▶ Bronies
Shown before a baseball game in 1941, the world’s first television commercial advertised what product?▶ Bulova watches
According to the Star Trek science fiction franchise, Earth is what class of planet?▶ M Class

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