World War 2 Trivia

What three countries were part of the Axis powers in World War II?▶ German, Italy, and Japan
The Trout Memo was an espionage guidebook written by what British author during WWII?▶ Ian Fleming
Who was president of the United States when bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?▶ Harry S. Truman
What German term used in World War II translates to “lightning war?”▶ Blitzkrieg
Who was the Prime Minister of Italy during WWII?▶ Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolin
Which major battle of WWII started on August 23, 1942 and was fought in what is now the city of Volgograd?▶ The Battle of Stalingrad
What was the nickname for the four engine B-17 bomber planes used during WWII?▶ Flying Fortress

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