Random Trivia Questions (Free Generator)

Sometimes when you can’t figure out what trivia theme to go with, a set of random trivia questions and answers is the perfect solution for your next trivia night. We’ve put together a set of the most fun trivia questions around all topics, including general knowledge, U S state trivia, kids trivia, World War I, human body parts, United States trivia, and many more.

There are more than 100 trivia questions around various collections, including ones like:

  • What’s the largest planet?
  • What’s the world’s largest ocean?
  • What Disney Movie has made the most money?
  • What’s the name of John Lennon’s Wife?
  • What year was the Mona Lisa painted?
  • What’s the smallest country?
  • Who won best actor in the 1995 Academy Awards?
  • What year was the Soviet Union created?
  • What’s the fastest land animal?
  • How many plays did William Shakespeare create?
  • What’s the Capital City of the Philippines?
  • What’s the hardest rock?
  • Who designed the Eiffel Tower?

More than fun fact or ways to score points, these questions will help turn any event, gathering, meeting, or activity into a fun time for all your colleagues, family, or friends.

Check out all the random trivia around pop culture, Disney princess facts, the solar system, Harry Potter, and so much more! These random trivia questions and challenges are a fun way to spend Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, team retreats, pub nights, and other occasions. Spice up your trivia games with these random trivia quiz questions.

In what sport does a jammer score a point for each opponent she skates past?

Answer: Roller Derby

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