28+ Religion Trivia Questions and Answers

World religion is a vast array of beliefs, cultures, traditions, and convictions. So putting together a religious trivia quiz will almost guarantee that you should have a whole set of questions and answers to challenge your friends and family with on any trivia game or pub quiz.

Religion Trivia

Did you know some of these trivia about some of the most popular religion and beliefs?

  • The shortest verse in the Christian holy book— the Bible— is only two words: “Jesus Wept” (John 11:35)
  • Christmas wasn’t a Christian holiday in the beginning. It was based on Saturnalia, a day dedicated to the Roman god Saturn.
  • The Apostle Paul wrote the far majority of the New Testament
  • In Islam, the holiest day of the week is Friday.

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Religion Trivia Questions and Answers

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The Pope is guarded by a small force of soldiers from which country?▶ Switzerland
What is the term for a non-Jew who performs services for a Jew on the Sabbath?▶ Shabbos Goy (literally “Sabbath gentile”)
How many books are in the Bible?▶ 66
What’s the holiest city in the religion Islam?▶ Mecca
How many disciples closely followed Jesus Christ?▶ Twelve
Which disciple betrayed Jesus?▶ Judas Iscariot
Who is the head of the Catholic church?▶ The Pope
According to Christian tradition and beliefs, who was the Father of Many Nations?▶ Abraham
What’s the largest religion in the United States?▶ Christianity
Which European country has the largest share of Muslim population?▶ Kosovo
Which Greek god is known for being extremely fast and served as the gods’ messenger?▶ Hermes
Which patron saint is celebrated on  Valentine’s Day?▶ St. Valentine of Rome
What do Roman Catholics perform before and after they pray?▶ The Sign of the Cross
which Hindu god was responsible for the creation of the world and all living things?▶ Brahma
How many books are in the Bible’s old testament?▶ 39
What years was Jehovah’s Witness founded?▶ 1872
What Hindu festival is known as the festival of lights of the gods?▶ Kartika Purnima
What does the Christian faith teach is the root of all evil?▶ The Love of Money
Who is the Latter-day Saints’ founder?▶ Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith was the founder of what religion?▶ Mormonism
Where would you find St. Peter’s Basilica?▶ Vatican City
Siddhartha Gautama is believed to be the founder of what religion?▶ Buddhism
According to ancient Roman religion, who was the god of the sea?▶ Neptune
Located in Cambodia, what is the largest religious monument in the world?▶ Angkor Wat

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