45+ Europe Trivia Questions and Answers

There’s a rich variety of europe quiz questions that can quickly fill up a trivia night, pub quiz, or ice breaker event. Dive into official languages, unique cultures, country landmarks, European cultures, and more in this ultimate test of knowledge.

Europe Trivia

Did you know there’s a Disneyland Paris? Are you aware that Europe’s longest coastline is Norway, with over 100,000 kilometres of coast? Did you know that Switzerland has 7,000 lakes? Across the European continent, you have a world of knowledge to mine. Try out these trivia questions and answers, for instance.

  • What s the most populous city in Europe? Berlin
  • What’s the smallest European country? Vatican City
  • Where can you find the Eiffel Tower? Paris, France
  • What’s the most common language in Europe? English
  • What’s the highest and most prominent peak in Europe? Mount Elbrus
  • Which country is the Brussels Airport in? Belgium
  • What’s the most populous capital city in Europe? Moscow
  • What’s the oldest European country? Bulgaria

That was easy? What about we try some more and see if you can get the correct answer every time? Try out the trivia quiz below.

Europe Trivia Questions and Answers

Move across the European Union or the northern lines of the Mediterranean Sea with these Europe trivia questions and answers for you, your family, and your friends! It’s to challenge one another to a trivia game. Good luck!

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In which country is the Nobel Peace Prize awarded?▶ Norway, the other Nobel Prizes are awarded in Sweden.
Valletta is the capital of what Mediterranean country?▶ Malta
Madeira, an archipelago located in the Atlantic Ocean, is autonomous region of which country?▶ Portugal
Catalonia is a region of what country?▶ Spain
The Black Forest is located in what European country?▶ Germany
The European Organization for Nuclear Research is known by what four letter acronym?▶ CERN
Napoleon suffered defeat at Waterloo in what year?▶ 1815
Europe is separated from Asia by which mountain range?▶ Ural Mountains
San Marino is a microstate in Europe completely surrounded by what country?▶ Italy
What was the name of the currency used in Spain before the euro?▶ Pesetas
Marie Antoinette was born an Archduchess of what country?▶ Austria
The period of European history that lasted from the 14th to the the 17th century is known as what?▶ The Renaissance
The first Eurovision song contest was held in what year?▶ 1956
Originally a Viking fishing village, Copenhagen became the capital city of what country?▶ Denmark
The Principality of Monaco is a sovereign city-state bordered on three sides by which country?▶ France
Which Scandinavian nation lies between Norway and Finland?▶ Sweden
Before the introduction of the euro, what was the name for the basic monetary unit used in the Netherlands?▶ Guilder
In 1513, who became the first European explorer to set eyes on the Pacific Ocean?▶ Vasco Núñez de Balboa
If you were in the city of Turin, what country would you be in?▶ Italy
In what year did the great fire of London take place?▶ 1666
Trevi fountain is located in the capital city of which European country?▶ Italy
Jack the Ripper is the name given to an unidentified serial killer that terrorized what city in 1888?▶ London, England
Originating in Germany, the Danube River empties into what body of water?▶ Black Sea
Which country financed Christopher Columbus’ 1492 exploration?▶ Spain
Who was the first female Prime Minister of a European country?▶ Margaret Thatcher
What three colors appear on the flag of Ireland?▶ Green, white and orange
What is the largest country located entirely in Europe?▶ Ukraine
The leaning tower of Pisa is located in which city?▶ Pisa, Italy
What fruit is thrown at the annual food fight festival held in Buñol, Spain?▶ Tomato
In 1917, Finland declared its independence from which country?▶ Russia
A little less than half the size of Great Britain, what is Europe’s second largest island?▶ Iceland
The longest river in Europe, the Volga river, empties into which body of water?▶ The Caspian Sea
In 1814 Napoleon was exiled to which island located off the coast of Tuscany?▶ Elba
In what month does the Oktoberfest in Munich begin?▶ September
By volume, what is the largest body of water in the United Kingdom?▶ Loch Ness
The Van Gogh museum is located in what European capital city?▶ Amsterdam
What is the most visited museum in Europe?▶ Louvre, Paris, France

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