25+ Japan Trivia Questions and Answers

Japan and the Japanese people hold so much tradition and character. Known as the Land of the Rising Sun, Japan is a fascinating country with a lot of fun facts, making it a great source of trivia questions and answers.

Japanese Trivia

Japan facts around Japanese culture, Japan’s population, Japan geography, World War II history, and many interesting facts makes for a great source of Japanese trivia and interesting facts. Look into one of East Asia’s most widely known countries and the many things that you can learn from Japanese culture.

  • What’s the Japanese name for the cherry blossom? Sakura
  • What’s the most populated city in Japan? Tokyo
  • How big is the Japanese population? 125.8 million
  • What’s the form of Japanese government that the country follows? Unitary State
  • Where can you find square melons in Japan? it can only be grown in this town in Kagawa prefecture
  • What’s the fastest among Japanese trains? L0 Series Maglev
  • Where is the Osaka castle located? Osaka, Chuo Ward
  • What Japanese sport features men in what looks like adult diapers? Sumo
  • How high do the Japanese Alps go? Over 3,000 meters

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Japan Trivia Questions and Answers

Whether you’re from Asia, the United States, or other western countries, you’ve heard about Japan trivia from their anime, Buddhist temples, cuisine, and so on. But how much do you know about the country and culture apart from raw fish and its big cities?

Find out through this trivia questions and answers collection about the fascinating nation of Japan and its people. Good luck!

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What is the national sport of Japan?▶ Sumo
What Japanese word translates into English as “harbor wave”?▶ Tsunami
The second atomic bomb ever used in war-time was dropped on what city?▶ Nagasaki
The art of paper folding is known as what?▶ Origami
Which city has the largest population in the world?▶ Tokyo, Japan
What is the Japanese word that means “empty orchestra”?▶ Karaoke
Shinto is the indigenous faith of what country?▶ Japan
What’s the highest mountain in Japan which is also a volcano?▶ Mount Fuji
What Japanese religion translates as “the way of the gods”?▶ Shinto Religion
What years were the Edo period?▶ 1603 to 1867
Why are there square watermelons in Japan?▶ To avoid them from rolling around
What are known as snow monkeys in Japan?▶ Japanese Macaques
What Japanese city has the longest-living population?▶ Okinawa where people live to an average of 83 years old
What annual Japanese festival is held at the Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki, Japan?▶ Kanamara Matsuri
What’s the official residence of Japan’s emperor▶ The Tokyo Imperial Palace
What is the name for the military nobility and officer caste that existed in medieval and early-modern Japan?▶ Samurai

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