32+ Australia Trivia Questions and Answers

All across Australia, there is so much to discover. From South Australia, Western Australia, to the Eastern and Northern Parts, you’ll discover something new. Let’s look into some trivia from Queensland, New South Wales, Melbourne, and all the other parts of the land down under.

Australia Trivia

Look into natural Australian landmark, Australian TV, Australian prime minister, and Australian animal trivia questions and answers with the rest of the crew. Here are some Australia trivia for your next trivia night or challenge.


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Australia Trivia Questions and Answers

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What is the name of the popular Australian food spread used on sandwiches, toast and pastries?▶ Vegemite
Geelong is a port city located in what country?▶ Australia
What is the capital city of Australia?▶ Canberra
What city in Australia has the highest population?▶ Sydney
What is the most popular spectator sport in Australia?▶ Australian Rules Football
What is the longest river in Australia?▶ The Murray River
How long is the Sydney Harbour Bridge?▶ 1149 metres
What year did the Sydney Opera House open?▶ 1973
The dingo is a free ranging dog found mainly in which country?▶ Australia
At what age did Australian Nobel Prize winner Sir (William) Lawrence Bragg get the award?▶ 25 years old
What’s the largest coral reef off the shore of Australia?▶ The Great Barrier Reef
When did the first Melbourne Cup happen?▶ 1861
What’s Australia’s national flower?▶ The Golden Wattle
What’s the title of Australia’s national anthem?▶ “Advance Australia Fair”
What’s the largest desert in Australia?▶ The Great Victoria Desert
Which Australian celebrity is a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF since 1994 and for UNIFEM since 2006?▶ Nicole Kidman
Where does Kangaroo Island rank in terms of island size?▶ Third
Which Australian city is the least densely populated? ▶ Darwin
Who was the 17th prime minister of Australia?▶ Harold Holt
What’s the largest sand island in Australia?▶ Fraser Island
What Australian city is considered the “opal capital of the world”?▶ Coober Pedy
A koala’s diet consists mainly of what?▶ Eucalyptus leaves
The duck billed platypus is native to what country?▶ Australia
What is the term for a group of kangaroos?▶ Mob, troop or court
How many colors does the Australian flag have?▶ Three (Red, white, and blue)
When does Australia Day occur?▶ 26 January, although the public holiday is moved to an alternate date
What’s the Australian-themed movie that features the adventures of Mick Dundee?▶ “Crocodile Dundee”
Who’s the Australian singer and actor who played Wolverine in the X-Men movie series?▶ Hugh Jackman
What year did the popular Australian band “The Saints” start playing?▶ 1974
What’s Australia’s national cake?▶ Lamington
Who is Australia’s head of government?▶ Prime Minister
Who is Australia’s head of state?▶ The Queen (Queen Elizabeth II)

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