Top 10 Most Interactive Trivia Games

Trivia games are a great way to promote cognitive and brain development. It may also improve decision-making capabilities. If playing trivia games enables us to think more creatively, and this creative thinking results in competitive advantages, then trivia games can help us become mentally stronger.

Why Virtual Trivia Games Are a Great Idea

Virtual trivia is a game played through online platforms such as Zoom. A host will typically prepare and read questions in formats such as multiple choice questions, fill in the blanks, or name that tune. All this can be done on a video conferencing software like Zoom or Google Hangouts. All you need is an account to this software, a virtual trivia host, and participants, and you’re ready to go!

According to experts, playing trivia games can provide a dopamine rush similar to gambling but without negative consequences. And with the world moving towards digital alternatives, it seems that doing trivia quizzes virtually seems to be a great idea. All that said, virtual trivia events seem like a great idea for event coordinators, companies, families, and groups of friends.

As the shift in the corporate spaces continues where virtual meetings are already part of the options, meeting facilitators are looking for new ways to make the meeting engaging, fun and not monotonous. Personal relationships are also affected by this shift. Since family members are gradually returning to work onsite and have face-to-face classes, families and friends try to find ways to maintain their connection even online. 

However, for most people who have been running meetings for the past two years or hosting family and friends online hangouts, sometimes it feels like you have run out of games on your list. You do not have to throw in the towel!

10 Most Interactive Virtual Trivia Games

Are you looking for a digital trivial tool to use for your next virtual trivia night? Here’s a list of ten best online trivia games for trivia game fans everywhere.

1. Quizbreaker


Thousands of people use Quizbreaker for learning, team-building activities, entertaining large audiences, or simply as a free solo fun-filled game. It has a great gameplay experience, perfect for small teams or large groups.

Quizbreaker allows you to select from thousands of ready-made trivia questions or customize your own using your specially-made questions with just a few clicks. You can have an enjoyable and interactive gameplay experience that is available from any device, complete with leaderboards and entertaining gamification.

This game has a multiplayer mode where you can host live virtual events with hundreds of players. You also access many other great features, including leaderboards, custom settings, and other features you would expect from a great online trivia app. The best part is the hundreds of thousands of example questions and quizzes to choose from if you don’t want to build new quizzes from scratch!

What We Like About this Game

Trivia Nerd has a great multiplayer function that can handle as many as 200 players. The game play is also quite amazing and fun for any setup. Lastly, the price point is extremely affordable, making it a great investment for teams while also being extremely comfortable price wise for family use.

What Could Be Improved

Nothing major! We think TriviaNerd is really awesome. Although there can be times that the massive library of trivia can be overwhelming! Have your preferred trivia categories ready when you try TriviaNerd out. When all else fails, there’s always the General Knowledge quiz.

Visit the TriviaNerd Website to try it out!

2. Heads Up!

Heads Up! is one of the best trivia game apps and charades-based online games. While the other players shout out hints to aid the first player in identifying the word on the device, one player holds the device to their head. Heads Up! offers a wide range of topics, such as celebrities, movies, and accents. It will certainly motivate your team on game night and look forward to the next one. 

What We Like About this Game

Heads Up! is a great experience when you want something for mobile. The charades-based gameplay also makes it quite unique from other items on the list.

What Could Be Improved

Because it’s charades-based, there’s a limit to what you can do.

Check out Heads Up! on Play Store.

3. Sporcle Party

On your next game night, you can play the trivia game Sporcle Party on your phone. Everyone participates in a game that one person hosts. Players bet between one and ten points for each round, depending on how certain they are of their answer. Sporcle Party is a good option for your next trivia night because their app has dozens of topics and thousands of questions.

What We Like About this Game

Sporcle has a great collection of ready trivia topics for all sorts of themes and occasions. So you don’t have to scour the web for collections and trivia game ideas.

What Could Be Improved

The gameplay is limited to phone screens as it’s meant for mobile, making it lacking if you want something that will work on desktops and laptops.

Try out Sporcle Party today!

4. Crowdpurr

With Crowdpurr, you can design your own unique online trivia game for online events, a holiday party, ice breakers, virtual parties, or other digital get-togethers. Because of its live ranking feature, which allows players to see in real-time who has the most points at any given moment, the game is more competitive. Crowdpurr is also simple and straightforward to use with players responding to questions through their mobile phones.

What We Like About this Game

Crowdpurr’s gameplay and features are also pretty engaging. It helps that there’s a ranking feature so you can easily keep track of scoring!

What Could Be Improved

Crowdpurr could be a little expensive once you have more than 20 players at a time. But any more less than that and you can make further ado with their free plan.

Check out Crowdpurr now!

5. Psych! Outwit Your Friends

Psych! is similar to Fibbage XL. It is a virtual trivia game in which a player tries to give the correct answer to a trivia question from among options given by the other players. Even better, the game is Zoom-compatible, so you can easily play with your team if you meet via video conferencing.

What We Like About this Game

The Zoom compatibility really helps if you’re planning to do a virtual team building or get-together.

What Could Be Improved

Because it’s also an app, there are limits, especially if you want a multiplayer experience.

Check out Psych! today!

6. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is another exciting trivia game with a unique twist. Participants spin a wheel with six question categories to play. The goal is to correctly answer at least one question in each category, winning cute characters each time. Players can compete for the same characters. The first player to win all six characters wins.

What We Like About this Game

Trivia Crack is an awesome multi-platform option, and it also has an augmented reality option! There’s also a Twitch compatibility feature for Twitch users.

What Could Be Improved

Currently, the app is only on Apple Store.

Check out Trivia Crack now!

7. League of Quiz

League of Quiz is one of the most popular free quiz games for trivia addicts everywhere. It offers a variety of modes for free trivia games, including a quick duel mode and a competitive league with a leadership board. Players can play the mobile trivia game League of Quiz with their friends or people worldwide. 

What We Like About this Game

The app’s adaptability really helps with the experience, and it’s great that the app is free too!

What Could Be Improved

The last update to League of Quiz was in 2019, so expect some issues every now and then.

Check out League of Quiz now!

8. Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire is a free virtual game show type site that is based on the well-known TV program. Players must respond to a series of 15 questions, each of which increases in difficulty as it increases the amount of prize money. The game will reward you even if players don’t answer the 15th question on their first try, and your team will undoubtedly enjoy trying to become millionaires.

What We Like About this Game

Who doesn’t know the game show? The branding factor makes it a great theme for team ice breakers and games.

What Could Be Improved

There are only a limited number of questions. You’ll only do up to 15 questions at a time. So if you want more, you’ll have to run another round.

Try out Who Wants to Be a Millionaire today.

9. TriviaMaker

TriviaMaker allows you to create your own trivia game or choose from hundreds of premade games. TriviaMaker, which is designed primarily for video conferences, helps to liven up your video conferences and can be customized to your team’s expertise. Trivia MAker has more options than in traditional multiple-choice games. Users are not required to sign in, download anything, or use a separate device.

What We Like About this Game

There are hundreds of ready-made games to choose from. Simply create a game and share your screen, then engage your coworkers, friends, and family as if you were hosting a game show. There’s also a random trivia generator that makes building a pub quiz for your trivia night a lot easier.

What Could Be Improved

There are lots of limits to the free version, like how many teams you can have and what gameplay types you want to run. But the paid version is also relatively affordable.

Try TriviaMaker now!

10. Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles

Brain Test is not your typical trivia game for mobile. This trivia app requires players to complete a series of brain-altering tasks, making it the perfect brain-training game. You and your friends would find solving Brain Test’s addictive puzzles fun and enjoyable. Just a friendly reminder: A combination of common sense and out-of-the-box thinking are necessary to appreciate the game fully.

What We Like About This Game

While it’s fun, it’s also very challenging! So you’ll have to really wrack your brains on some of the questions or work together as a team to win. It’s also a great option for people who enjoy challenging trivia gameplay.

What Could Be Improved

This game might not be suitable for younger audiences because of the hard questions.

Try out Brain Test now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about trivia games and trivia apps.

Can I use a free trivia app for an online trivia game?

There’s definitely no problem with using a free option. However, free versions often limit the number of players who can join and what features you can use.

If you want to have a great experience, then putting aside a few dollars could be a great investment for sure. If you’re using it for company events, then you can charge the cost to human resources as your organization most likely has money to spare for experiences like this.

What categories can I use for our trivia games?

There are many categories to choose from for sure, but here are some of our favorites.

How can I make a trivia game exciting?

If you do weekly trivia nights or trivia ice breaker games, you’ll want to break the monotony every now and then. Here are some great ideas to make a trivia game more exciting:

  • Add awards and prizes into the mix
  • Give a fun title to the winner like “Trivia Star” of “The Grand Trivia Champion of the Universe”
  • Introduce themes and categories that you might not have tried yet
  • Have trivia quiz games in group and individual gameplay to mix things up
  • Introduce funny answers to your multiple choice quiz questions

Creating exciting trivia games doesn’t have to be difficult. All it needs is a little creativity.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a virtual trivia game is a fun way to engage a team through a Zoom screen if you’re social distancing or running a virtual company with people from around the globe. There are a few factors to consider like your audience, time and program but overall, anyone can pull off a very meaningful and engaging trivia game. You just have to remember that the goal is to connect and have lots of fun while doing it.  

So if you’re planning a trivia icebreaker for future meetings or getting together with friends from overseas, try out any of these amazing trivia games!

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