20+ World War 1 Trivia Questions and Answers

History classes and random facts about World Wars and political tension can be a great way to test your general knowledge. So we’ve put together a World War 1 Trivia challenge for all trivia buffs who want to see how well they know the most important battles of time.

World War 1 Trivia

The great war that opened the century is filled with interesting stories from different perspectives. But the historical events of the conflicts between United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, and the other biggest powers of that time is a good idea for a good trivia challenge.

Did you know these fun facts?

  • The first blood bank was established on the frontlines in 1917 because of the World War.
  • Severe facial wounds during the war led to the founding of reconstruction surgery.
  • Tanks were classified by gender- male tanks had cannons while female tanks carried heavy machine guns.

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World War 1 Trivia Questions and Answers

So let’s see if you can get the correct answer on these trivia questions and answers about the biggest military conflict of all time.

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Whose assassination played a big roled in the start of World War 1?▶ Archduke Franz Ferdinand
What empire was the Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo who killed Franz Ferdinand part of?▶ Austro-Hungarian Empire
Whose sovereignty did Great Britain fight for in World War 1?▶ Belgians
Who invented the first elective machine guns in 1884?▶ Hiram Maxim
What was Winston Churchill doing during the first outbreak of the 1914 war?▶ He was the First Lord of the Admiralty
What was the first country to use chemical weapon attacks in the first world war?▶ France
What were the complex geo-political alliances between Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire called?▶ The Central Powers
What were the spiked helmets used by Germany officials called?▶ Pickelhaube
What was the pre-war German plans influenced by Field Marshal Alfred von Schlieffen called?▶ Schlieffen Plan
What was the tactic used in World War 1 where military groups built trenches to hide in and build bases?▶ Trench Warfare
How old were the average soldiers enlisting in World War 1?▶ 24-25 Years Old
What World War 1 book shares German officer Ernst Jünger’s experiences?▶ “Storm of Steel”
How many years were between the first and second world war?▶ 21 Years
What date did the United States join World War 1?▶ April 6, 1917
What poison gas was most used in chemical warfare in World War 1?▶ Mustard gas
Which World War II fascist dictator from Italy  forged the paramilitary fascist movement in 1919?▶ Benito Mussolini
Who was the United States’ leading fighter pilot of WWI with 26 victories?▶ Eddie Rickenbacker
World War I flying ace Manfred von Richthofen is known by what nickname?▶ The Red Baron

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