Kids Trivia

How many fingers do the Simpsons cartoon characters have?▶ Four
In the board game Monopoly, if you pay to get out of jail, how much does it cost?▶ $50
In the children’s books about a 25 foot tall red dog, what is the name of the dog?▶ Clifford
In the movie “Bambi”, what type of animal is Bambi’s friend Flower?▶ Skunk
What is the sleepiest animal in the world, sleeping around 22 hours each day?▶ Koala
What animal has the largest ears?▶ Elephant

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Tim majored in Humanities with a bachelor in English and Theatre at New York State University. He lectured on entertainment business studies for three years at Plymouth College.

Tim has been a trivia host in his current hometown of Pittsburgh for the past two years. He enjoys hanging out with people who love trivia just as much as he does.

His friends call him the Question Master.

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