Hollywood Trivia

What was Marilyn Monroe’s name at birth?▶ Norma Jeane Mortenson
What is the job title of the person in charge of the camera and lighting crews working on a film?▶ Cinematographer
What popular movie musical, directed by John Hutson, was released in 1982?▶ Annie
Who did Jerry Lewis partner with to form a famous comedy duo that lasted 10 years?▶ Dean Martin
What actor played Russian roulette in “The Deer Hunter”, demanded “More Cowbell” on “Saturday Night Live”, and danced solo in Fatboy Slim’s “Weapon of Choice” video?▶ Christopher Walken
Legend has it that Marilyn Monroe wore nothing but what to bed?▶ Chanel No. 5
Who was the first cartoon character to get his own star on Hollywood Boulevard’s Walk of Fame?▶ Mickey Mouse, on November 13, 1978.
What famous actor became Governor of California in 2003?▶ Arnold Schwarzenegger

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Tim has been a trivia host in his current hometown of Pittsburgh for the past two years. He enjoys hanging out with people who love trivia just as much as he does.

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