47+ Language Trivia Questions and Answers

There are over 7,000 well-known languages and 200 artificial languages known to man. How much do you know about the world’s languages? Let’s test your language skills with this language trivia challenge!

Language Trivia

Language learning isn’t always a walk in the park. And knowing facts about the English language or other popular languages is even more challenging. But there are definitely many interesting facts to follow on the various languages of different countries around the world.

How many characters are in the Greek alphabet? What’s the second language of Papua New Guinea? With all the different languages around the world, there’s a wealth of language trivia to challenge your friends and family members with!

Language Trivia Questions and Answers

See how much you know about native speakers of old languages and other language facts. Test your knowledge about foreign languages with the ultimate language quiz!

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What is the Spanish word for money?▶ Dinero
What does the Japanese phrase, “domo arigato” mean in English?▶ Thank you very much.
What is the plural of the word crisis?▶ Crises
What is the word for “Hello” in Spanish?▶ Hola
How do you say “hello” in German?▶ Hallo
How do you say goodbye in Spanish?▶ Adiós
In Russia, a woman’s last name usually ends in what letter?▶ A
How do you say “hello” in Swedish?▶ Hej
How many letters are in the modern English alphabet?▶ 26
How do you say panda in Spanish?▶ Panda
What is the common translation for the popular Latin phrase “carpe diem”?▶ Seize the day
What is the Spanish word for meat?▶ Carne
A misandrist is a person that hates what?▶ Men
What is the Latin plural form of the word cactus?▶ Cacti
Naan is the Persian word for what?▶ Bread
“Arco iris” is the Spanish term for what natural phenomenon?▶ Rainbow
The expression “oy vey” comes from what language?▶ Yiddish
A word that is spelled the same forwards and backwards is called a what?▶ Palindrome
What figure of speech meaning, “including everything”, comes from three major parts of a musket?▶ Lock, stock, and barrel
The Portuguese motto, “Ordem E Progresso”, is found on which country’s national flag?▶ Brazil
What Latin honor meaning, “with highest praise”, is typically awarded to graduates in the top of their class?▶ Summa cum laude
Referring to factory made clothing, what is the meaning of the French fashion term “Prêt-à-Porter”?▶ Ready to wear
Sinhala and Tamil are the official languages of which island nation?▶ Sri Lanka
What is the Latin term for the phrase “seize the day”?▶ Carpe Diem
What does the French phrase, “répondez, s’il vous plait,” known by the acronym RSVP mean in English?▶ Reply if you please.
What is the Spanish word for a heated tortilla filled with cheese?▶ Quesadilla
How do you say hello in Mandarin Chinese?▶ Ni Hao
How do you say “I love you” in Italian?▶ Ti amo
What is the main dialect of Chinese spoken in Hong Kong by the majority of the locals?▶ Cantonese
The term “déjà vu” comes from what language?▶ French
In China, what number is considered unlucky because its pronunciation is similar to that for the word “death”?▶ Four (四,sì)
What is the meaning of the French expression “c’est la vie”?▶ That’s life
Alkebulan is the oldest indigenous name for which continent?▶ Africa
Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji are the names for writing systems used in which country?▶ Japan
What is the official language of Greenland?▶ Greenlandic
What is the English translation for the name of the German automaker Volkswagen?▶ People’s car
What heavy metal element was once known as quicksilver?▶ Mercury
What does the online acronym SMH stand for?▶ Shaking my head
Spoken by the majority of the population, what is the official language of Iran?▶ Persian (Farsi)
What Japanese word translates into English as “harbor wave”?▶ Tsunami
What German term used in World War II translates to “lightning war?”▶ Blitzkrieg
The French Cote D’Azur is known as what in English?▶ French Riviera
Which is the most widely spoken language in the world?▶ Mandarin Chinese
What is the Japanese word that means “empty orchestra”?▶ Karaoke
What language do they speak in Brazil?▶ Portuguese
What is the national language of India?▶ Hindi
When referring to an establishment that sells alcoholic drinks, what is the word “pub” short for?▶ Public house

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