25+ Game Trivia Questions and Answers

Video games, board games, and games, in general, have become part of our culture. Whether it’s a family game, an original arcade version, or an online RPG game, people have turned video games into their own cults. So let’s see how much you know about family games, card games, video game franchise history, game play, history, and fun fact trivia.

Game Trivia

From Minecraft World to the Land of Zelda, there is so much trivia about the popular games that have marked our time. Did you know some of these exciting video game facts?

  • The most expensive video game is a $2,000,000 sealed copy of Super Mario Bros.
  • The best-selling video game of all time is Tetris.
  • Chinese poker, or Big Two, is usually played by 4 people.
  • The number of Chess move possibilities is greater than the number of electrons in the universe.
  • The most valuable video game character in the world is Mario.
  • Pacman was first conceptualized as “Puckman.”
  • Mr. Game & Watch is the oldest fighter represented in Super Smash Bros.
  • Video game company Blizzard Entertainment now has over 4,700 employees.

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Game Trivia Questions and Answers

Easy video game trivia questions, hard video game trivia questions, we’ve put them in one collection. Let’s see if you can get the correct answer on these video game trivia questions. You can use these questions for trivia quizzes or a trivia game with your family, friends, or colleagues. Have fun!

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In the game Scrabble, what is the point value of the letter K?▶ Five
What was the first home-based video game console called? ▶ the Magnavox Odyssey
Which Mortal Kombat character has metal arms? ▶ Jax
In Call of Duty, who is Jack Mitchell’s best friend? ▶ Will Irons
What’s the most commercially successful video game of all time? ▶ Minecraft
What’s the virtual reality headset of Nintendo called? ▶ Labo Toy-Con VR Kits
Which game developer got hit by a passing car while checking another accident? ▶ Gunpei Yokoi
Bobby Fischer is considered by many to be the greatest player of all time in which game?▶ Chess
In the poker game Texas Hold’em, how many cards are dealt to each player?▶ Two
Mario Kart is a video game series publish by which company?▶ Nintendo
In the classic board game Monopoly, how much does it cost to buy a railroad?▶ $200
In the game of Chess, how many pawns does each player start with?▶ Eight
What murder-mystery board game replaced the suspect Mrs. White with Dr. Orchid in 2016?▶ Clue or Cluedo
In the game of pool, what is the standard color for the one ball?▶ Yellow
What is the highest number found on a standard roulette wheel?▶ 36
After Board Walk and Park Place, what is the next most expensive property in the game Monopoly?▶ Pennsylvania Avenue
SNES is the acronym for what popular gaming console released in the early 1990s?▶ Super Nintendo Entertainment System
The name of the popular online battle royale game PUBG, is short for what?▶ PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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