14+ Weather Trivia Questions and Answers

With all the weather conditions, weather changes, climates, and weather facts going around, you’ll never run out of weather trivia. We’ve put together a collection of fun weather facts and trivia questions perfect for any weather (no pun intended!)

Weather Trivia

Are you familiar with things related to the weather? Here’s a look at some interesting weather trivia.

  • Strong winds of intermediate duration (around one minute) are called Squalls.
  • Wind The device called a baroscope is used to measure atmospheric pressure.
  • The lowest recorded temperature on earth was -89.2°C recorded at Vostok station in Antarctica.
  • About 2,000 thunderstorms rain down on our planet at any given minute.

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Weather Trivia Questions and Answers

How many questions about extreme weather conditions and other weather topics can you answer? We’ve put together a weather quiz to find out. Check out these weather and climate quiz questions for you and your friends.

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Which of the cloud types appears in the sky between 0 and 2,000m? ▶ Stratocumulus
What’s the windiest place on Earth? ▶ Cape Farewell, Greenland
What’s the phase of the water cycle where water vapor collects on dust particles and forms clouds which later fall as water droplets?▶ Condensation
In what year did Hurricane Katrina occur?▶ 2005
What is the number one cause of climate change? ▶ Greenhouse gas emissions
What scale is used to measure tornadoes?▶ the Torro scale
At what wind speed does a tropical storm become a hurricane?▶ 74 mph (119 km/hr)
In what month does winter begin in the Southern Hemisphere?▶ June
Which US city has been hit by the most tornadoes?▶ Oklahoma City
The highest temperature ever recorded in the United States occurred in which State?▶ California (Greenland Ranch, 134°F on July 10, 1913)

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