19+ Video Game Trivia Questions and Answers

Video games have become an undeniable part of pop culture. a video game expert or streamer is now likened to a celebrity and top score holders the king of their own domains. But will you arise a star or king in a video game trivia challenge? Let’s find out?

Video Game Trivia

How much do you know about some of the most popular video game characters, players, best-selling video game titles and history? Let’s see how many of these trivia facts you already know.

  • The real name of Pac-man was once Puckman.
  • Before even coming up with the Nintendo console, the video game company used to make hanafuda playing cards.
  • The first Game Boy cam out on April 21, 1989.
  • The popular sports video game NBA 2k has now sold over 123 million units.
  • The Super Nintendo Entertainment System launch was so chaotic that Japanese government asked that new consoles be released strictly on weekends.
  • Will Irons, the Call of Duty main character’s Jack Mitchell’s best friend, sacrificed himself to destroy a HAVOC launcher.
  • Minecraft is now being taught in some schools.

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Video Game Trivia Questions and Answers

Let’s test your game developer, popular games, and other trivia knowledge with a test that will challenge you to your video gaming limits! See you many correct answers you get in time.

Which video game studio created the popular online game Fortnite?▶ Epic Games
In the arcade game Joust, the player controls a knight riding what flying animal?▶ Ostrich
The Nintendo GameCube was replaced by which video game console in 2006?▶ Nintendo Wii
What consumer electronics and video game company was founded in 1889 and originally produced playing cards?▶ Nintendo
The first person shooter video game Doom was first released in what year?▶ 1993
Nintendo is a consumer electronics and video game company founded in what country?▶ Japan
The Connecticut Leather Company later became what toy company that was popular in the 1980s for its Cabbage Patch Kids and video game consoles?▶ Coleco
In what year was the Nintendo 64 officially released?▶ 1996
In the world of video games, what does NES stand for?▶ Nintendo Entertainment System
In what year did Nintendo release its first game console in North America?▶ 1985
What was the first console video game that allowed the game to be saved?▶ The Legend of Zelda
Mario Kart is a video game series publish by which company?▶ Nintendo

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