21+ Super Bowl Trivia Questions and Answers

Football fans unite! It’s time to play a game of super bowl trivia! Test your knowledge of Super Bowl history facts, the different teams who have competed, big game plays, head coach trivia, Super Bowl outcomes, and so on. See which was the winning team and losing team for some of the most memorable games of all time. Let’s get this Super Bowl party started!

Super Bowl Trivia

Let’s see how many of these Super Bowl game trivia you already know.

  • Which teams competed in the 1994 Super Bowl? The Cowboys and the Bills
  • In the Pittsburgh Steelers’ Super Bowl win in 2009, who was the MVP? Santonio Holmes
  • Who won Super Bowl LVI? Los Angeles Rams
  • When was the first time the Kansas City Chiefs appeared on Super Bowl? 1970
  • Who whon Super Bowl XXIX? San Francisco 49ers

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Super Bowl Trivia Questions and Answers

See how many of these Super Bowl trivia questions you’re able to answer. Time for a Super Bowl trivia game. Feel free to challenge a friend or two!

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Which team won the National Football League’s first Super Bowl?▶ The Green Bay Packers
What was the first wild card NFL team to win the Super Bowl?▶ The 1980 Oakland Raiders
How many Super Bowl Rings did Troy Aikman win?▶ Three with the Dallas Cowboys.
Which pop star sang the national anthem at the 50th Super Bowl?▶ Lady Gaga
What year did the New England Patriots first win a Super Bowl championship?▶ 2002
Which player has the most Super Bowl appearances?▶ Tom Brady
Which teams competed in Super Bowl XXII?▶ Washington Redskins and Denver Broncos
The San Francisco 49ers won how many Super Bowl championships between 1981 and 1994?▶ Five
Who was the Super Bowl MVP in Super Bowl XXXVIII?▶ Tom Brady
What’s the name of the Super Bowl trophy?▶ The Vince Lombardi trophy
How many times has the Detroit Lions appeared in the Super Bowl?▶ Zero. The Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans are the other teams who haven’t appeared in a single Super Bowl.
How many Super Bowl championships do the Denver Broncos have?▶ Three
Which team won the 2016 Super Bowl?▶ Denver Broncos
What football team had the biggest scoring comeback in the history of the Super Bowl?▶ Patriots (Super Bowl LI)
Which NFL team overcame a 25-point deficit to win the 2017 Super Bowl?▶ New England Patriots
Who is the only athlete ever to play in a Super Bowl and a World Series?▶ Deion Sanders

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