22+ Physics Trivia Questions and Answers

Physics is one of the most challenging branches of science, making any set of physics quiz questions an instant challenge. So why not test your knowledge on the topic? Or better yet, see how much your friend might know about all things relating to classical physics, quantum physics, and more. Try out this physics trivia challenge.

Physics Trivia

Here are some physics trivia and ideas that you might have not known.

  • White light contains all the colors in the visible spectrum.
  • Acceleration directed opposite direction of a certain motion is called negative acceleration.
  • Electric current has three effects, namely heating, magnetic, and chemical.
  • The SI unit of electrical resistance is called ohm (Ω).
  • The Kelvin measure of temperature measures kinetic energy caused by the physical phenomena of rising and falling temperature.
  • The English physicist Stephen Hawkings suffered from ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

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Physics Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready for the ultimate physics trivia quiz? Try out the physics trivia questions below and see how many you can answer right.

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Schrödinger’s cat is a thought experiment dealing with which type of mechanics?▶ Quantum Mechanics
What do you call the force moving away from an axis in a rotational motion?▶ Centrifugal Force
What’s a vector field of magnetic influence on moving electric charges, currents, and magnetic materials?▶ Magnetic Field
Which British physicist discovered the existence of electrons?▶ J. J. Thomson
Who are the two quantum physics who fathered Quantum physics?▶ Niels Bohr and Max Planck
Who won the Nobel Prize in Physics back in 1965 aside from Julian Schwinger and Sin-Itiro Tomonaga?▶ Richard Feynman
What law explains the three basic laws of mechanics?▶ Newton’s Law
What study looks at the theoretical behaviors of subatomic particles?▶ Quantum Theory
What do you call a nuclear reaction where subatomic particles fuse together?▶ Nuclear Fusion
What do you call a nuclear reaction where a subatomic particle splits into different pieces?▶ Nuclear Fission
According to physics, what are the four fundamental forces in nature?▶ Strong Force, Electromagnetic Force, Weak Force, Gravitational Force
Which branch of physics is devoted to the study of heat and related phenomena?▶ Thermodynamics
Who came up with the theories of General and Special relativity?▶ Albert Einstein
186,282 miles per second is the speed of what in a vacuum?▶ Light
A young Isaac Newton is said to have been hit on the head by which fruit, leading him to come up with the theory of gravity?▶ An apple
Who is the author of the book “A Brief History of Time”?▶ Stephen Hawking

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