29+ Money Trivia Questions and Answers

Money doesn’t make the world go ’round. But it’s definitely something that we all need day-to-day. So why is that so? Let’s look at some trivia and interesting facts about the history of how money and currency came to be that you can use for your next trivia night or icebreaker.

Money Trivia

Money is a big part of our everyday lives. We use it to exchange value and goods. So who created paper money in the first place? When did people start using coins and paper bills? Let’s look at some money facts and trivia that you might or might probably not know.

  • What’s the largest bill ever circulated by the Federal reserve? $10,000 notes
  • What dollar bill does Benjamin Franklin appear on? $100
  • What country’s currency has suffered the most from inflation? Venezuela with 200,000% inflation
  • What’s the biggest loss the New York stock exchange has experienced in all time? 89% during the 1929 crash
  • What currency has had the highest value? Kuwaiti Dinar
  • When did the U S government first release the U S currency? 1792
  • Which of the commemorative coins are worth the most? 1794 Flowing Hair dollar worth $42,500 in good condition
  • What do the 13 arrows on the US Dollar represent? 13 original states

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Money Trivia Questions and Answers

Look in the world’s currency collection, the history of the Dollar, origins of real money, U S bureau policies on money, the face value of certain notes, and more in this massive collection of trivia questions and answers.

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What year was the two dollar bill last printed in the United States?▶ 2014
What building is found on the back of a United States 100 dollar bill?▶ Independence Hall
What is the official currency of the country Ecuador?▶ United States Dollar
What is the Spanish word for money?▶ Dinero
Which President is on the United States 1,000 dollar bill?▶ Grover Cleveland
Who was at the top of Forbes 2015 list of the richest people in the world?▶ Bill Gates
What is the name of the official currency of Costa Rica?▶ Costa Rican Colón
Created in 2009, what was the first decentralized cryptocurrency?▶ Bitcoin
What is the name for the monetary unit used in Thailand?▶ Thai Bhat
What was the first publicly traded U.S. company to reach a $1 trillion market cap?▶ Apple
What are the most expensive credit cards in terms of annual fees in the world?▶ The Centurion® Card from American Express or Black Card with a $5000 annual fee
How much Monopoly money is in each game box?▶ $20,580
What year was the US federal reserve created?▶ 1913
What precious metals were the first coins made out of?▶ Electrum, an alloy of silver and gold
During the Civil War, the United States and the Confederate States suspended the use of what as payment?▶ Gold
What’s the world’s oldest currency?▶ The British pound
What flightless bird is featured on New Zealand’s one dollar coin?▶ Kiwi
Spanish silver dollars, originally called the Spanish peso, were each worth how many Spanish reales?▶ Eight
What was the first country to use printed paper currency?▶ China
What was the name of the currency used in Spain before the euro?▶ Pesetas
Before the introduction of the euro, what was the name for the basic monetary unit used in the Netherlands?▶ Guilder

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