28+ Superhero Trivia Questions and Answers

The Superhero hype has been on a different level for the past decade and this is partly due to the availability of comic books, production of movies, online video content, websites and events that highlighted every fan’s favorite superhero. Regardless of which side you are on, all would agree that both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and DC Comics contributed a lot to the rise and rekindling of interest to superheroes.

While there have been different claims about the very first superheroes, enthusiasts find their common ground with each other when it comes to the origin of their favorite superhero characters through their superhero movies and series.

Superhero Trivia

How much do you know about the world of superheroes? Do you know their true names? Do you know about their famous lines?

  • Captain America is considered as the first Avenger because of his age.
  • Wonder Woman’s origin story says that she was molded by her mother using clay and was bestowed superpowers by the Greek gods. 
  • Today, a copy of the first action comics is worth more than three million dollars. 
  • The first Marvel Comic was published in October 1939 where several superheroes were showcased including the Human Torch and Sub-Mariner.
  • The first female superhero for Marvel Comics was the Invisible Woman and for DC Comics, it was Hawkgirl. 
  • The first supervillain in Marvel Comics was Mole Man in Fantastic Four and Ultra-Humanite for DC Comics.
  • Queen Hippolyta, wonder woman’s mother is a fictional DC Comics superhero which was derived from Greek Mythology
  • Captain Marvel first appeared in comics of Marvel Super-Heroes # 12 in December 1976. 

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Superhero Trivia Questions and Answers

How many trivias about the Superheroes do you know? Can you give the answers to our superhero quiz? Try it out and see if you know the answer to every question!

What material is the indestructible shield of Captain America made of? ▶ Vibranium
Who is the leader of the Avengers? ▶ Iron Man
What do you call Wonder Woman’s weapon? ▶ Magic Lasso
Who said the line: “With great power, comes great responsibility.”? ▶ Uncle Ben
What is the weakness of a Green Lantern? ▶ Fear
What was Hal Jordan’s occupation before he became a Green Lantern? ▶ Military Test Pilot
Where did Bruce Banner get his power for transformation? ▶ Gamma Radiation
Aside from being known as the “Dark Knight”, what is Batman’s other title? ▶ [blur toggle=click]World’s Greatest Detective
What is the name of Batman’s mother? ▶ Martha Wayne
Who was the main supervillain in the Marvel Comic Series Infinity War?▶ Thanos
How old was Peter Parker when he became Spiderman? ▶ 15 years old
Who is Batman’s love interest? ▶ Catwoman
Where does Batman reside? ▶ Gotham City
Who created Captain America, Hulk and Iron Man? ▶ Jack Kirby
Superman is a fictional superhero from what fictional planet?▶ Krypton
Who played the fictional anti hero Deadpool in the 2016 movie?▶ Ryan Reynolds
Actress Gal Gadot starred in what American superhero film released in the summer of 2017?▶ Wonder Woman
Bruce Banner turns into what fictional superhero when he becomes angry?▶ The Hulk
Diana Prince is the public persona of which fictional superhero?▶ Wonder Woman
Superman is a fictional superhero from what fictional planet?▶ Krypton

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