18+ Whale Trivia Questions and Answers

Whales are some of the most majestic creatures to rule the seas and oceans. They are some of the largest marine mammals known to man and have characteristics that make them extremely fascinating. So learning a thing or two about them through whale trivia should be guaranteed fun.

Whale Trivia

Did you know some of these things about whales?

  • Bowhead Whales can live up to 200 years.
  • Sperm whales, , porpoises, and orcas are part of a class of whales called “toothed whales.”
  • Air- not water- sprays out of a whale’s blowhole.
  • Ship strikes and entanglement in fishing gear are the common threats to North Atlantic right whales.

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Whale Trivia Questions and Answers

So how well do you know whales? Let’s test your knowledge out with this short quiz on whales and more.

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Keiko is the name of a whale that appeared in what 1993 American family drama film?▶ Free Willy
What is a group of whales called?▶ A pod
What whale species is the only living representative of the genus Balaena?▶ Bowhead Whales
What whale has the scientific name Eschrichtius robustus?▶ Pacific Gray Whales
What are the largest whales in the world?▶ Blue Whale
What what has a stark white coloring and globular head?▶ Beluga Whale
What kind of whales have baleen plates as teeth?▶ Baleen Whales
What’s the next biggest dolphin species next to Killer Whales?▶ Pilot Whale
The Killer Whales is the largest of which family of marine mammals?▶ Dolphins
What whales sing the most complex songs in the animal kingdom?▶ The Humpback Whale 
What’s the other name for goose-beaked whales?▶ Cuvier’s Beaked Whales
What’s the longest migration known by a Humbpack whale?▶ 9,800 kilometres, from Brazil to Madagascar
What month is whale week celebrated?▶ February
Which animal has the largest brain?▶ The sperm whale has the largest brain weighing around 17 pounds.
What is the largest animal currently on Earth?▶ Blue Whale

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