21+ Scotland Trivia Questions and Answers

There is so much to know and discover about Scotland, a country in the United Kingdom known for many things— the beautiful Scottish highlands, a deep Scottish culture, a beautiful country filled with landscapes and more. You can also throw in Scottish whisky if you wish!

Scotland Trivia

So how much do you know about the Scottish People and culture? Let’s look at some interesting facts that you might or might not have known about Scotland and its many historical milestones.

  • The Sanquhar Post Office in Scotland is the oldest working post office in the world.
  • St Andrews is home to the oldest university in Scotland and also known as the Home of Golf.
  • Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Scotland.
  • The highest concentration of red hair carriers in the world can be found in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Scottish Gaelic is an ancient Celtic language of Gaelic is still spoken throughout Scotland.

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Scotland Trivia Questions and Answers

So how confident are you in your knowledge about the great country of Scotland? Let’s find out through these Scotland quiz questions.

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What is the national dish of Scotland?▶ Haggis
What is the national animal of Scotland?▶ Unicorn
What hills border Scotland and England?▶ Cheviot Hills
What century was the Edinburgh Castle built?▶ 11th century
What mythical creature is part of Scottish folklore?▶ Loch Ness Monster
Which Scottish inventor created the first practical pneumatic tires?▶ John Boyd Dunlop
Which Scottish inventor improved the steam engine in 1776?▶ James Watt
What’s the deepest Loch in Scotland?▶ Loch Morar at 310 m
What Islands in Scotland are best known for some of the oldest and best-preserved Neolithic sites in Europe?▶ Orkney Islands
How small is Papa Westray in Orkney?▶ 9.18 km²
What’s the longest river in Scotland?▶ River Tay
What is the Scottish flag called?▶ Saltire
What year was Scottish Knight William Wallace executed?▶ 1305
Who is Scotland’s national poet?▶ Robert Burns
What’s Scotland’s national animal?▶ Unicorn
Penicillin was discovered in 1928 by which Scottish scientist?▶ Sir Alexander Fleming

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