20+ Nintendo Trivia Questions and Answers

Nintendo is one of the world’s most famous gaming company and most iconic brands. Gamers and video game enthusiasts who consider themselves Nintendo experts shouldn’t have any problem with this Nintendo trivia challenge and collection.

How much do you know about Nintendo franchises, games, and history? Are you familiar with every playable character and title? Let’s see if you’re worthy of the title “Nintendo Trivia Master.”

Nintendo Trivia

Every gaming console, game title, and portable system that Nintendo has put out has changed the gaming landscape across the world. It’s no wonder why Nintendo fans have built a cult following around famous games. Here are some simple Nintendo trivia facts that you should know.

  • Before creating gaming consoles, Nintendo used to create gaming cards called Hanafuda.
  • Super Mario World song composer Koji Kondo is now worth $2 million.
  • Light Gun game Duck Hunt was first released in the United States as arcade games. In Japan, they were released as a NES game.
  • Nintendo game designer Gunpei Yokoi died tragically after a passing car hit him while he was inspecting another car accident he was in.
  • The popular game Kid Icarus happens in a mythical place called Angel Land
  • The Super Game Boy is a peripheral that connects the Game Boy to A Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

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Nintendo Trivia Questions and Answers

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In what year was the Nintendo 64 officially released?▶ 1996
What is the most popular best-selling Nintendo exclusive game of all time?▶ Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
When was the Nintendo Switch released?▶ March 3, 2017
When was the Nintendo Gamecube released?▶ September 14, 2001
What was Nintendo called upon its launch in 1889?▶ Nintendo Koppai
Who is the titular princess of The Legend of Zelda?▶ Princess Zelda
Who founded Nintendo?▶ Fusajiro Yamauchi
What was the game Nintendo developed that was the first game to use 3D computer graphics and a first-person perspective?▶ Metroid Prime
Which Nintendo game designer created Donkey Kong?▶ Shigeru Miyamoto
What year was the game Fire Emblem published?▶ 1990
What was the name of the Nintendo magazine that ran until 2012?▶ Nintendo Power
In the world of video games, what does NES stand for?▶ Nintendo Entertainment System
In what year did Nintendo release its first game console in North America?▶ 1985
What was the first console video game that allowed the game to be saved?▶ The Legend of Zelda
SNES is the acronym for what popular gaming console released in the early 1990s?▶ Super Nintendo Entertainment System

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