27+ Math Trivia Questions and Answers

How much do you love math? Let’s find out through a math trivia journey that will separate the true math nerds from those who are allergic to numbers. Discover math trivia and facts and answer math trivia questions in this full collection.

Math Trivia

Math can be undoubtedly hard at times. But for anyone who has a knack for solving math problems and understanding the world and science behind math, there’s a lot to love about this collection of math trivia.

  • The most popular two-digit number is the number 13, also associated as an unlucky number.
  • The most popular lucky number is the number 7.
  • An improper fraction is any fraction where the numerator is greater than the denominator.
  • In ancient civilization, the Romans used roman numerals as the official number system.
  • A right angle is an angle at 90 degrees.
  • The smallest perfect number is the number 6.
  • The mathematical symbol, equal sign, by Robert Recorde.
  • The basic metric unit of angle is the dimensionless radian.
  • Any straight line is at 180 degrees of itself at any point.
  • The least common multiple is the smallest integer that two numbers are divisible by.

Math Trivia Questions and Answers

So how would you fair in a math trivia challenge? Let’s find out through these math trivia question and answer compilation.

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What is the largest 3-digit prime number?▶ 997
What is the name for the branch of mathematics dealing with lengths and angles of triangles.▶ Trigonometry
What do you call a triangle with at least two sides of equal length?▶ Isosceles Triangle
What do you call a number that can be formed by multiplying two smaller numbers?▶ Composite Number
What do you call a right-angled triangle?▶ Right Triangle
Who is the fastest human calculator?▶ Neelakantha Bhanu Prakash
What’s the square root of 256?▶ 16
What do you get when you multiply two negative numbers?▶ A Positive Number
What is the branch of calculus concerned with the theory and applications of integrals?▶ Integral Calculus
Who coined the term googol to refer to a number with 100 zeroes?▶ Milton Sirotta
What are the first four digits of Pi?▶ 3.141
What is the mathematical formula for Newton’s Second Law of Motion?▶ F=ma (Force equals mass times acceleration)
What type of number has no factors other than 1 and itself?▶ Prime Number
Which theorem is a fundamental relation in Euclidean geometry among the three sides of a right triangle?▶ Pythagorean theorem
In geometry, how many sides are on a heptagon?▶ Seven
What is the name for the longest side of a right triangle?▶ Hypotenuse
What Greek mathematician is considered the founder and father of Geometry?▶ Euclid

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