23+ Korea Trivia Questions and Answers

The country of Korea is a place filled with history, culture, and popular trivia facts and knowledge. So we put together a Korea trivia collection to try out your knowledge about all things relating to Korean culture, Korean cuisine, Korean places, and so much more.

Korea is one of the most popular asian countries. The emergence of Kpop music and Korean drama has created a Korean wave around the world, reaching as far as the United States. So let’s travel to the Korean Peninsula to learn a little bit more about North and South Korean culture.

Korea Trivia

Let’s look at some North and SouthKorea facts together. Here are some interesting facts that you might not have known about Korea.

  • South Korea’s population is a little over 50 million people.
  • South Koreans are some of the biggest markets for plastic surgery. Almost one-third of South Korean women claimed to have had cosmetic surgery.
  • Korea celebrates a romantic holiday called White Day.
  • The The Korean Demilitarized Zone divides North and South Korea by roughly half.

Korea Trivia Questions and Answers

So how much do you know about Korean culture? Find out with this Korea trivia questions and answers challenge.

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Who is the current supreme leader of North Korea?▶ Kim Jong Un
What’s the full official name of North Korea?▶ Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
What is often called Penis Park because of the statues that resemble phallic symbols?▶ Haesindang Park
What is the traditional Korean side dish of salted and fermented vegetables?▶ Kimchi
What is the mountain range between North Korea and South Korea called?▶ T’aebaek Mountains
What is the shorter name for the Hangang River?▶ Han River
Where is the Hallasan Mountain situated?▶ Jeju Island
What is the name of the strait between Korea and Japan?▶ Korea Strait
What’s the most popular plastic surgery in Korea?▶ Double Eyelid Surgery
What is different about the Korean age?▶ Everyone is born at one year to consider time in the womb
What country was Korea under during World War II?▶ Japan
What do the Korean people consider as an unlucky number?▶ The Number 4
What’s the border between North and South Korea called?▶ 38th Parallel
What’s the Korean word for “mom?”▶ Eomma (엄마)
What year did the Korean war end?▶ 1953
What popular song by Korean artist Psy became a YouTube sensation and dance craze?▶ Gangnam Style
Which Korean martial art literally means “the way of the foot and fist”?▶ Taekwondo
What is the capital of North Korea?▶ Pyongyang
What is a traditional fermented Korean side dish made seasoned vegetables and salt?▶ Kimchi

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