17+ Golf Trivia Questions and Answers

Let’s talk golf balls, golf players and everything about the game of golf in this ultimate set of Golf trivia questions and answers. From the British open championship to the most popular golfers in the world, let’s test how much you know about golf, golfers, and golf fields.

Golf Trivia

All major tournaments and rules of the game of golf should be a great way to challenge golf lovers and average trivia gamers. This set of golf trivia questions are perfect for your next pub quiz, team outing, or family game night.


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Golf Trivia Questions and Answers

Here’s your ultimate golf quiz for all occasions! See how many answers you get right. All the best!

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What do golfers shout to warn other golfers when they hit an errant shot?▶ Fore
How many holes are there in a full round of golf?▶ Eighteen
Tiger Woods became a professional golfer in what year?▶ 1996
Finish this phrase: You drive for show, but putt for “_____”?▶ Dough
Who was the first golfer to win the Masters Tournament two years in a row?▶ Jack Nicklaus
What’s the oldest golf course in the world?▶ The Old Course at St Andrews Links
In what tournament did Tiger Woods first win in his professional career?▶ The 1996 Las Vegas Invitational
At what age did Jack Nicklaus first play his first nine holes?▶ Ten years old
Which famous golfer beat Tiger woods in the 2005 Tour Championship?▶ Bart Bryant
When did the world golf hall start?▶ May 19, 1998
Who won the 2012 Ryder Cup?▶ The European Ryder Cup team
How much was the PGA Championship prize fund in 2020?▶ $4.3 million
How many golf clubs are in a set?▶ 12
How many championships does Gary Player have?▶ 9
How many championships does Rory McIlroy have?▶ 4
What hand does Phil Mickelson play with?▶ Left
What “King” of golf lent his name to a mixture of iced tea and lemonade?▶ Arnold Palmer

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