20+ Geometry Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you up for a Geometry quiz on important geometry concepts? There are tons of questions and facts to look into. So, we’ve put together a collection of geometry trivia questions to help you review or brush up your knowledge around basic geometry, differential geometry, discrete geometry, algebraic geometry, geometric shapes, and so on!

Geometry Trivia

So let’s look at some geometry trivia and facts to get you warmed up.

  • An obtuse triangle is a type of triangle where one of the internal angles measures more than 90 degrees.
  • Euclidean geometry studies geometrical shapes and figures based on different axioms and theorems.
  • A concave shape bends inwards. A convex one bends outwards.
  • A plane is a two-dimensional object that extends indefinitely.
  • A trapezoid trapezium is a flat, closed shape with four straight sides and one pair of parallel sides.
  • An acute triangle is a triangle whose three sides are lesser than 90 degrees.
  • A circle’s circumference is its diameter times π.

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Geometry Trivia Questions and Answers

Are you ready to test your geometry knowledge? We’ve put together some geometry trivia questions and their answers. You can use them on game night or in math quizzes if you want to. See how many of these answers you can get right.

Which of the simple geometric objects has four equal sides? ▶ Square
If you add the angles of all three sides of a triangle, what figure will you get every time? ▶ 180 Degrees
What do you call two lines that never intersect? ▶ Parallel Lines
Right angles are exactly how many degrees? ▶ 90 Degrees
What do you call an angle that’s beyond 90 degrees? ▶ Obtuse Angle
What is a line bounded by two points? ▶ Line Segment
What’s a triangle that has different lengths on all its sides? ▶ Scalene Triangle
What’s a triangle with an equal length on all sides? ▶ Equilateral Triangle
How many sides are equal in an isosceles triangle? ▶ Two
What’s the fundamental theory in Euclidean geometry that talks about the relation of the three sides of a right triangle? ▶ Pythagorean Theorem
In geometry, how many sides are on a heptagon?▶ Seven
What is the name for the longest side of a right triangle?▶ Hypotenuse
What Greek mathematician is considered the founder and father of Geometry?▶ Euclid

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