27+ France Trivia Questions and Answers

So much of the French people and culture woo a lot of us. From Paris to Marseille, there’s so much to cover, such as French history, the French president, French citizens, French city destinations, French food, French law, French language, French cheese, French population, and so much more. All these interesting facts make for a great trivia collection!

France Trivia

While it’s not the largest country nor the most wealthy one, France is arguably one of the most well-known European countries. That’s mainly because of the French culture, places, and French cuisine. People from all around the world adore everything that has to do with the French (and not just French fries!) But how much do you know about this beautiful country? Here are some French trivia to test your knowledge.

  • What’s the system of the French government? Unitary state
  • What is the famous monument standing at the western end of the Champs-Élysées at the centre of Place Charles de Gaulle? Arc de Triomphe
  • How many train platforms does Gare du Nord have? 36
  • Who was the first French king? Clovis I
  • Where is the Louvre museum located? Paris, France
  • What’s the French word for “Good morning?” Bonjour
  • What are the colors on the French Flag? Blue, White and Red
  • Who was the French military leader known for his many victories during the French Revolution? Napoleon Bonaparte
  • How many years did the Roman Empire rule France? 500 years
  • Who is the oldest person to ever live in France? Jeanne Louise Calment who lived to 122 years.

France Trivia Questions and Answers

Beyond fun facts, it can be fun to challenge someone to a France facts trivia challenge. Why not try out these questions with your friends and see how many you can get right!

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Which country lies on the border between Spain and France?▶ Andorra
Which country and its territories cover the most time zones?▶ France with 12 time zones.
What does the French phrase, “répondez, s’il vous plait,” known by the acronym RSVP mean in English?▶ Reply if you please.
The French Cote D’Azur is known as what in English?▶ French Riviera
The phrase “Let them eat cake” is commonly attributed to whom?▶ Queen Marie Antoinette
In what year did the French revolution begin?▶ 1789
Which famous French mountain range is one luxury pen brand named after? ▶ Mont Blanc
In which city is the Mona Lisa kept? ▶ Paris, France
What’s the most prominent bicycle race that happens every year in France? ▶ Tour de France
How tall is the Eiffel Tower? ▶ 330 m to tip
The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States from which country?▶ France
What is the meaning of the French expression “c’est la vie”?▶ That’s life
What is the name for the branch of the French Army created for foreign recruits?▶ French Foreign Legion (Légion étrangère)
What are the colors that appear on the flag of France?▶ Blue, white & red
Who was the last queen of France prior to the French revolution?▶ Marie Antoinette
What French sculptor created the Statue of Liberty?▶ Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi
In most countries it is illegal to call sparkling wine by what name unless it was produced in certain region of France?▶ Champagne

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