22+ China Trivia Questions and Answers

The People’s Republic of China is one of the biggest countries with one of the oldest civilizations. Over 1 billion people live in China, making it rich with culture, meaning, and trivia!

China Trivia

Chinese history, China facts, and Chinese people trivia do not come in any shortage. From the Tang Dynasty to modern day, there are many fun facts to learn and things to discover. See how much you know about the Communist Party of China, Chinese emperors, dynasties, and other interesting facts.


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China Trivia Questions and Answers

Having the largest population and one of the largest country masses, the Chinese culture, people, geography, and story have a lot to offer. Let’s see how much of China you know in this quiz!

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In what country would you find the Yellow River?▶ China
The martial art of kung fu originated in which country?▶ China
How many years did Ancient China civilization last?▶ Over 1800 years
How long is China’s railway lines?▶ Over 139,000 km
What’s China’s population?▶ 1.4 billion people
What time does Chinese new year celebration start?▶ Generally 8 PM
Where is the Forbidden City located?▶ Dongcheng District, Beijing
What rare mammal lives endemic to the rainy mountains of southwestern China?▶ Giant Panda
What’s Chinese government type is used by its head?▶ Authoritarian/Communist Government
What was the first dynasty of Imperial China?▶ Qin Dynasty
How many time zone / time zones does China span?▶ 5
What Chinese architectural wonder can be seen from outer space?▶ The Great Wall of China
Which country has the longest land border?▶ China with a land border of 13,743 miles (22,117 km).
Who wrote an ancient Chinese military treatise known as “The Art of War”?▶ Sun Tzu
Which is the most widely spoken language in the world?▶ Mandarin Chinese
Who was the first emperor of China?▶ Qin Shi Huang (born Ying Zheng)
How do you say hello in Mandarin Chinese?▶ Ni Hao
What is the main dialect of Chinese spoken in Hong Kong by the majority of the locals?▶ Cantonese
What city is the capital of China?▶ Beijing
What is the color of the five stars found on the flag of China?▶ Yellow
In China, what number is considered unlucky because its pronunciation is similar to that for the word “death”?▶ Four (四,sì)
China’s Terracotta Army depicts the soldiers of what emperor?▶ Qin Shi Huang

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