12+ Aviation Trivia Questions and Answers

Test your knowledge around aviation history, air facts, airlines, and anything around flight and aviation with this aviation trivia collection. Can you take on this airplane quiz and ace it? Will you win in an airplane trivia challenge with a friend, family member, or team member?

Aviation Trivia

If you’re looking for aviation trivia questions around American airlines, commercial aviation, airplane types, aviation milestones, World War I and World War II planes, and more, these trivia questions and fun facts will guarantee a family fun night, great icebreakers, or an exciting local pub trivia night.

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Aviation Trivia Questions and Answers

Do The Wright Brothers and Frank Geoffreys ring a bell? What’s the world’s oldest airline? Be ready to try out this aviation quiz that will test just how much you know about the aviation industry. Try this collection of aviation trivia questions and answers.

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What was the nickname for the Hughes H-4 Hercules aircraft that made a single flight in 1947?▶ Spruce Goose
In what year did the aviator Charles A. Lindbergh cross the Atlantic Ocean?▶ 1927
Who was the first person selected as Time Magazine’s Man of the Year?▶ Charles Lindbergh in 1927.
In 1783, the first free flight of a hot air balloon carrying a human occurred in what city?▶ Paris, France
Which major American airline is named after a Greek letter?▶ Delta
What is the three letter airport code for the Los Angeles International Airport?▶ LAX
The Concorde was a supersonic passenger airliner flown by which two airlines?▶ Air France (AF) and British Airways (BA)
A Boeing 777 is equipped with how many engines?▶ Two
What was the nickname for the four engine B-17 bomber planes used during WWII?▶ Flying Fortress
In 2003, which U.S. state was officially declared the birthplace of aviation?▶ Ohio (Dayton, Ohio was the home of Wilbur and Orville Wright)
What is the call sign of any United States Marine Corps aircraft carrying the president of the United States?▶ Marine One
Who was the first woman pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic?▶ Amelia Earhart

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