Trivia List

Who was Ben Stein’s first co-host on the TV game show Win Ben Stein’s Money?
Peter and the Wolf is a musical composition written by which Russian Soviet composer?
“Its an ugly planet, a bug planet” is a line from what 1997 American satirical military science fiction film?
Robert Penn Warren received the 1947 pulitzer for what political fiction novel?
On the 80’s television show Moonlighting, what was the name of Maddie Hayes’ detective agency?
In 2018, what video technology was used for the first time in a FIFA World Cup?
What is the name of the former immigration inspection station located in New York Harbor?
Published in 2009, which American writer wrote the science fiction novel “Under the Dome”?
Who played Tom Joad in the 1940 movie “The Grapes of Wrath”?
According to the Star Trek science fiction franchise, Earth is what class of planet?
London Calling was the third studio album released by which English rock band?
On the Periodic Table of Elements, Hg is the symbol for what element?
A deficiency of what vitamin may lead to dry eyes and night blindness?
In baseball and softball what do the initials RBI stand for?
The Canadian province of Quebec is bordered to the west by which other province?
On 16 December 1971, East Pakistan was liberated from Pakistan becoming what newly independent state?
What is the term for a group of kangaroos?
What British lead singer was born Farrokh Bulsara in 1946?
What is the only modern rock n’ roll song on the Voyager Spacecrafts’ Golden Records?
Merv Griffin cited roulette and the game of Hangman as inspirations for what television show?