Trivia List

In 1981, the first space shuttle landing occurred on a dry lake at which U.S. Air Force base?
What is the name of the professional ice hockey team based in Toronto, Canada?
In 1979, Malcolm McDowell starred in what erotic historical drama film focusing on the rise and fall of a Roman Emperor?
What plays the character Marty Byrde in the TV drama series Ozark?
San José is the capital and largest city of which Central American country?
On the periodic table, which element has an atomic weight of 1.00794?
“Love on the Rocks” is a song written by Neil Diamond and Gilbert Bécaud that appeared in what 1980 drama film?
The traditional Peruvian dish cuy is made with what animal?
The Amazing Race is an American reality competition show in which originally aired in what year?
Located in Cambodia, what is the largest religious monument in the world?
At 2020 Oscars, which South Korean film took home four awards including best picture?
Which team won the original XFL championship game in 2001?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is headquartered in which U.S. city?
Believed to grow as large as 60 feet (18 meters), what is the largest species of shark currently living in the ocean?
The 2006 American romantic comedy Failure to Launch starred which Texas born actor?
When referring to a medical imaging technique, what does MRI stand for?
In terms of geographical area, what is the largest country in Africa?
In what major Canadian city would you find the Lord Stanley’s Gift Monument?
What film did Carol Burnett parody as the character “Starlet” in a costume made from tassels, drapery, and a curtain rod?
In Roman mythology, Veritas is the goddess of what?