Trivia List

Released in 1988 “Kokomo” is a song by which American rock band?
What former NBA player appeared in a Bruce Lee movie?
Lead is a chemical element with what symbol on the periodic table?
What Danish author is considered by many to be the most prolific fairy tale writer?
Chunk was a character in which 1985 movie about a group of young misfits looking for lost treasure?
From 1965 to 1973, Dick Butkus played professional football as a linebacker for which NFL team?
The Waltz in D-flat major, popularly known as the “Minute Waltz”, is a piano waltz by which Polish composer?
What country’s 2010 ban on film worker unions is commonly referred to as the “Hobbit law”?
Native to the coasts of the northern and eastern North Pacific Ocean, which marine mammal is the heaviest member of the weasel family?
What animal was the Sheriff of Nottingham in Disney’s Robin Hood?
Les Demoiselles d’Avignon (The Young Ladies of Avignon) is a large oil painting created in 1907 by which Spanish artist?
In 1946 the ringgit was established as the official monetary unit of which Southeast Asian country?
The tormented love story, “Wuthering Heights”, is the only finished novel by which English writer?
A stroopwafel is a wafer cookie that originated in which European country?
Released as a single in 1982, “A Country Boy Can Survive” is a song written and recorded by which American country music artist?
Tina Fey created which popular satirical sitcom television series that aired from 2006 – 2013?
What consumer electronics and video game company was founded in 1889 and originally produced playing cards?
Norway was responsible for introducing what fish for raw consumption in Japan?
In 1982, Bill Murray appeared on what American late-night talk show as it’s first ever guest?
What musical is the based on the memoir of Maria von Trapp?