Trivia List

Which rapper was born Robert Matthew Van Winkle on October 31, 1967?
“A la Crecy” is a French cooking term that describes a dish made or garnished with what?
What was the name of the London theatre built by Shakespeare’s playing company in 1599?
Released on April 5, 1974, what was Stephen King’s first published novel?
Who invented the first alternating current (AC) induction motor?
What is the only national flag that is not square or rectangular?
Where would one arrive at the second star to the right, and straight on till morning?
What three-word parting catchphrase is engraved on voice actor Mel Blanc’s gravestone?
Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None is a philosophical novel written by which German philosopher?
The island of Borneo is politically divided among which three countries?
Executives of William Randolph Hearst’s media empire conspired to stop the release of what 1941 film?
What part of the human body contains five metacarpal bones?
The process of making cow’s milk safe for human consumption is called what?
The song Seventy-Six Trombones first appeared in what 1957 musical play?
Who was the host of the American travel and food show No Reservations?
In 1952, Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of which country?
In the sitcom Family Matters and film Die Hard, actor Reginald VelJohnson’s character had what occupation?
Which French post-Impressionist artist painted A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte?
What U.S. nonprofit organization sells about 200 million boxes of cookies per year?
The scientific unit named after Sir Isaac Newton measures what?